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Package cbtconfig encapsulates common code for reading configuration from .cbtrc and gcloud.



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func Filename

func Filename() string

Filename returns the filename consulted for standard configuration.


type Config

type Config struct {
	Project, Instance string                           // required
	Creds             string                           // optional
	AdminEndpoint     string                           // optional
	DataEndpoint      string                           // optional
	CertFile          string                           // optional
	UserAgent         string                           // optional
	TokenSource       oauth2.TokenSource               // derived
	TLSCreds          credentials.TransportCredentials // derived

Config represents a configuration.

func Load

func Load() (*Config, error)

Load loads a .cbtrc file. If the file is not present, an empty config is returned.

func (*Config) CheckFlags

func (c *Config) CheckFlags(required RequiredFlags) error

CheckFlags checks that the required config values are set.

func (*Config) RegisterFlags

func (c *Config) RegisterFlags()

RegisterFlags registers a set of standard flags for this config. It should be called before flag.Parse.

func (*Config) SetFromGcloud

func (c *Config) SetFromGcloud() error

SetFromGcloud retrieves and sets any missing config values from the gcloud configuration if possible possible

type GcloudCmdTokenSource

type GcloudCmdTokenSource struct {
	Command string
	Args    []string

GcloudCmdTokenSource holds the comamnd arguments. It is only intended to be set by the program. TODO(deklerk) Can this be unexported?

func (*GcloudCmdTokenSource) Token

func (g *GcloudCmdTokenSource) Token() (*oauth2.Token, error)

Token implements the oauth2.TokenSource interface

type GcloudConfig

type GcloudConfig struct {
	Configuration struct {
		Properties struct {
			Core struct {
				Project string `json:"project"`
			} `json:"core"`
		} `json:"properties"`
	} `json:"configuration"`
	Credential GcloudCredential `json:"credential"`

GcloudConfig holds gcloud configuration values.

func LoadGcloudConfig

func LoadGcloudConfig(gcloudCmd string, gcloudCmdArgs []string) (*GcloudConfig, error)

LoadGcloudConfig retrieves the gcloud configuration values we need use via the 'config-helper' command

type GcloudCredential

type GcloudCredential struct {
	AccessToken string    `json:"access_token"`
	Expiry      time.Time `json:"token_expiry"`

GcloudCredential holds gcloud credential information.

func (*GcloudCredential) Token

func (cred *GcloudCredential) Token() *oauth2.Token

Token creates an oauth2 token using gcloud credentials.

type RequiredFlags

type RequiredFlags uint

RequiredFlags describes the flag requirements for a cbt command.

const (
	// NoneRequired specifies that not flags are required.
	NoneRequired RequiredFlags = 0
	// ProjectRequired specifies that the -project flag is required.
	ProjectRequired RequiredFlags = 1 << iota
	// InstanceRequired specifies that the -instance flag is required.
	// ProjectAndInstanceRequired specifies that both -project and -instance is required.
	ProjectAndInstanceRequired = ProjectRequired | InstanceRequired

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