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var NewClientStream = func(host, endpoint string) (ClientStreamTransport, error) {

	u := url.URL{Scheme: "ws", Host: host, Path: endpoint}
	h := http.Header{}
	h.Set("Sec-WebSocket-Protocol", "grpc-websockets")
	var conn *websocket.Conn
	conn, _, err := websocket.DefaultDialer.Dial(u.String(), h)
	if err != nil {
		return nil, errors.Wrapf(err, "failed to dial to '%s'", u.String())

	return &webSocketTransport{
		host:     host,
		endpoint: endpoint,
		conn:     conn,
	}, nil
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var NewUnary = func(host string, opts *ConnectOptions) UnaryTransport {
	cl := http.DefaultClient
	transport := &http.Transport{}
	if opts.WithTLS {
		transport.TLSClientConfig = &tls.Config{}
		if opts.TLSCertificate != nil {
			certPool := x509.NewCertPool()
			decoded, _ := pem.Decode(opts.TLSCertificate)
			if decoded == nil {
				panic("failed to decode cert")
			cert, err := x509.ParseCertificate(decoded.Bytes)
			if err != nil {
			transport.TLSClientConfig.RootCAs = certPool
			transport.TLSClientConfig.ServerName = cert.DNSNames[0]
		transport.TLSClientConfig.InsecureSkipVerify = opts.TlsInsecureSkipVerify
	if opts.Timeout != 0 {
		cl.Timeout = time.Second
	} else {
		cl.Timeout = opts.Timeout

	if opts.IdleConnTimeout != 0 {
		transport.IdleConnTimeout = opts.IdleConnTimeout

	if opts.TlsHandshakeTimeout != 0 {
		transport.TLSHandshakeTimeout = opts.TlsHandshakeTimeout

	if opts.ExpectContinueTimeout != 0 {
		transport.ExpectContinueTimeout = opts.ExpectContinueTimeout

	cl.Transport = transport
	return &httpTransport{
		host:       host,
		client:     cl,
		opts:       opts,
		header:     make(http.Header),
		clientLock: &sync.RWMutex{},

NewUnary returns an httpTransport object wrapped as a UnaryTransport object


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type ClientStreamTransport

type ClientStreamTransport interface {
	Header() (http.Header, error)
	Trailer() http.Header

	// SetRequestHeader sets headers to send gRPC-Web server.
	// It should be called before calling Send.
	SetRequestHeader(h http.Header)
	Send(ctx context.Context, body io.Reader) error
	Receive(ctx context.Context) (io.ReadCloser, error)

	// CloseSend sends a close signal to the server.
	CloseSend() error

	// Close closes the connection.
	Close() error

type ConnectOptions

type ConnectOptions struct {
	// Toggle tls on/off
	WithTLS bool
	// Certificate for TLS connections
	TLSCertificate []byte
	// IdleConnTimeout is the maximum amount of time an idle
	// (keep-alive) connection will remain idle before closing
	// itself.
	// Zero means no limit.
	IdleConnTimeout time.Duration
	// TLSHandshakeTimeout specifies the maximum amount of time waiting to
	// wait for a TLS handshake. Zero means no timeout.
	TlsHandshakeTimeout time.Duration
	// ExpectContinueTimeout, if non-zero, specifies the amount of
	// time to wait for a server's first response headers after fully
	// writing the request headers
	ExpectContinueTimeout time.Duration
	// Skip standard tls certificate verifications
	TlsInsecureSkipVerify bool

	Timeout time.Duration

ConnectOptions struct contains configuration parameters for DialContext

type UnaryTransport

type UnaryTransport interface {
	Header() http.Header
	Send(ctx context.Context, endpoint, contentType string, body io.Reader) (http.Header, []byte, error)
	GetRemoteCertificate() (*x509.Certificate, error)
	Close() error

UnaryTransport is the public interface for the transport package

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