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func BootstrapSubscribed added in v0.0.15

func BootstrapSubscribed(worker *sprout.Worker, subscribed []string) error

func NewWorker added in v0.0.12

func NewWorker(addr string, done <-chan struct{}, s store.ExtendedStore) (*sprout.Worker, error)

NewWorker creates a sprout worker connected to the provided address using TLS over TCP as a transport.


type App

type App interface {
	Notifications() NotificationService
	Arbor() ArborService
	Settings() SettingsService
	Sprout() SproutService
	Theme() ThemeService
	Status() StatusService
	Haptic() HapticService
	Banner() BannerService
	Window() *gioapp.Window

App bundles core application services into a single convenience type.

func NewApp

func NewApp(w *gioapp.Window, stateDir string) (application App, err error)

NewApp constructs an App or fails with an error. This process will fail if any of the application services fail to initialize correctly.

type ArborService

type ArborService interface {
	Store() store.ExtendedStore
	Communities() *ds.CommunityList

ArborService provides access to stored arbor data.

type Banner interface {
	BannerPriority() Priority
	IsCancelled() bool

Banner is a type that provides details for a persistent on-screen notification banner

type BannerService added in v0.0.14

type BannerService interface {
	// Add establishes a new banner managed by the service.
	// Top returns the banner that should be displayed right now
	Top() Banner

BannerService provides methods for creating and managing on-screen persistent banners. The methods must be safe for concurrent use.

func NewBannerService added in v0.0.14

func NewBannerService(app App) BannerService

type HapticService added in v0.0.13

type HapticService interface {

HapticService provides access to haptic feedback devices features.

type LoadingBanner added in v0.0.14

type LoadingBanner struct {
	Text string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LoadingBanner requests a banner with a loading spinner displayed along with the provided text. It will not disappear until cancelled.

func (*LoadingBanner) BannerPriority added in v0.0.14

func (l *LoadingBanner) BannerPriority() Priority

func (*LoadingBanner) Cancel added in v0.0.14

func (l *LoadingBanner) Cancel()

func (*LoadingBanner) IsCancelled added in v0.0.14

func (l *LoadingBanner) IsCancelled() bool

type NotificationService

type NotificationService interface {
	Notify(title, content string) error

NotificationService provides methods to send notifications and to configure notifications for collections of arbor nodes.

type Priority added in v0.0.14

type Priority uint8
const (
	Debug Priority = iota

type Settings

type Settings struct {
	// relay address to connect to
	Address string

	// user's local identity ID
	ActiveIdentity *fields.QualifiedHash

	// the version of the disclaimer that the user has accepted
	AcknowledgedNoticeVersion int

	// whether notifications are accepted. The nil state indicates that
	// the user has not changed this value, and should be treated as true.
	// TODO(whereswaldon): find a backwards-compatible way to handle this
	// elegantly.
	NotificationsEnabled *bool

	// whether the user wants the app bar anchored at the bottom of the UI
	BottomAppBar bool

	DarkMode bool

	// whether the user wants the navigation drawer to dock to the side of
	// the UI instead of appearing on top
	DockNavDrawer bool

	// whether the user wants to use the beta Orchard store for node storage.
	// Will become default in future release.
	OrchardStore bool

	Subscriptions []string

type SettingsService

type SettingsService interface {
	NotificationsGloballyAllowed() bool
	AcknowledgedNoticeVersion() int
	SetAcknowledgedNoticeVersion(version int)
	AddSubscription(id string)
	RemoveSubscription(id string)
	Subscriptions() []string
	Address() string
	BottomAppBar() bool
	DockNavDrawer() bool
	DarkMode() bool
	ActiveArborIdentityID() *fields.QualifiedHash
	Identity() (*forest.Identity, error)
	DataPath() string
	Persist() error
	CreateIdentity(name string) error
	Builder() (*forest.Builder, error)
	UseOrchardStore() bool

SettingsService allows querying, updating, and saving settings.

type SproutService

type SproutService interface {
	ConnectTo(address string) error
	Connections() []string
	WorkerFor(address string) *sprout.Worker

type StatusService added in v0.0.12

type StatusService interface {
	IsActive(*fields.QualifiedHash) bool

StatusService provides information on the online status of users.

type ThemeService

type ThemeService interface {
	Current() *sprigTheme.Theme

ThemeService provides methods to fetch and manipulate the current application theme.

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