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Published: Oct 11, 2020 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 19 Imported by: 1


This golang library partially implements a frontend for the DFN PKI SOAP API.

It is used in a few projects:

Please do not run go test; there is no mocking layer for the DFN API so all tests are run against the live API.

Dokumentation is sparse, please refer to the tests and the aforementions projects for usage information.




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const (
	SANEmail = iota
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const (
	DFNTimestampFormat = "2006-01-02T15:04:05"


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var (
	DFNCertificatePool *x509.CertPool
	ErrNoTrustChain    = errors.New("Unable to find a trust chain")
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var (

	// RolesMachines are all the possible roles machine certificates can have
	// as defined in  https://www.ca.kit.edu/p/zertifikatsprofile
	RolesMachines = []string{
		"802.1X Client",
		"Domain Controller",
		"Exchange Server",
		"LDAP Server",
		"Mail Server",
		"Radius Server",
		"Shibboleth IdP SP",
		"VoIP Server",
		"VPN Server",
		"Web Server",
		"Webserver MustStaple",
		"Web Server SOAP",
	// RolesUser are all the possible roles personal certificates can have
	// as defined in  https://www.ca.kit.edu/p/zertifikatsprofile
	RolesUser = []string{
		"802.1X User",
		"Code Signing",
		"RA Operator",
		"Smartcard Encrypt",
		"Smartcard Logon",
		"Smartcard Sign",
		"Smartcard Sign andLogon",
		"User SOAP",
		"VPN User",
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var (
	GeneratePublicURL    = endpointURLFactory(endpointTemplatePublic)
	GenerateRegistration = endpointURLFactory(endpointTemplateRegistration)
	GenerateDomains      = endpointURLFactory(endpointTemplateDomains)
	// TODO: add hidden roles
	DFNPublicRoles = make(map[string]DFNRole)
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var (
	TemplateNewRequest   = template.Must(template.New("newRequest").Parse(newRequestTemplate))
	ErrorNoPEMBlockFound = errors.New("No PEM block found in keybytes")
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var (
	EpochZero                   = time.Unix(0, 0)
	TemplateListExtendedDomains = template.Must(template.New("listExtendedDomains").Parse(listExtendedDomainsTemplate))
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var (
	DFNCertificateList = []string{}/* 405 elements not displayed */

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var (
	TemplateGetCAInfoData = template.Must(template.New("getCAInfoData").Parse(getCAInfoDataTemplate))
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var (
	TemplateGetCertificateByRequestSerial = template.Must(template.New("getCertificateByRequestSerial").Parse(getCertificateByRequestSerialTemplate))
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var (
	TemplateGetRequestPrintout = template.Must(template.New("getRequestPrintout").Parse(getRequestPrintoutTemplate))
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var (
	TemplateSendChallengeEMailData = template.Must(template.New("sendChallengeEMail").Parse(sendChallengeEMailTemplate))


func GenerateRequest

func GenerateRequest(pkey *rsa.PrivateKey, request *x509.CertificateRequest) (string, error)

GenerateRequest creates a PKCS10 (“.req”) request for a given RSA private key

func GetAuthHTTPClient

func GetAuthHTTPClient(keyBytes, certBytes, chainBytes []byte) (*http.Client, error)

GetAuthHTTPClient returns an http.client with certificate authentication

func GetAuthHTTPClientFromFiles

func GetAuthHTTPClientFromFiles(keyfile, certfile, chainfile string) (*http.Client, error)

GetAuthHTTPClient returns an http.client with certificate authentication (using files)

func GetCertificateByRequestSerial

func GetCertificateByRequestSerial(client SoapClient, data GetCertificateByRequestSerialData) (string, error)

GetCertificateByRequestSerial implements the SOAP API getCertificateByRequestSerial interface

func GetChainForCertificate

func GetChainForCertificate(cert *x509.Certificate) ([]*x509.Certificate, error)

GetChainForCertificate tries to build a chain for a given certificate

func GetPublicHTTPClient

func GetPublicHTTPClient() (*http.Client, error)

GetPublicHTTPClient returns a simple http client

func GetRequestPrintout

func GetRequestPrintout(client SoapClient, raid int, serial string, pin string) ([]byte, error)

GetRequestPrintout implements the SOAP API getRequestPrintout interface

func NewPrivateKey

func NewPrivateKey(bits int) (*rsa.PrivateKey, error)

NewPrivateKey generates a new RSA private key with reasonable key size bounds

func NewRequest

func NewRequest(client SoapClient, csr string, data NewRequestData) (string, error)

NewRequest implements the SOAP API newRequest interface

func PINtoHash

func PINtoHash(pin string) string

PINtoHash returns the correct hash for cleartext PINs

func ParsePrivateKey

func ParsePrivateKey(keybytes, password []byte) (*rsa.PrivateKey, error)

ParsePrivateKey parses an RSA private key from a byte array

func RandomPIN

func RandomPIN() string

RandomPIN generates a random PIN (_not_ cryptographically sound)

func SAN

func SAN(kind int, value string) string

SAN returns valid AltNames strings


type CAInfo

type CAInfo struct {
	Roles      []string
	DNPrefixes []string
	CAChain    []string

func GetCAInfoData

func GetCAInfoData(client SoapClient, raid int) (CAInfo, error)

GetCAInfoData implements the getCAInfoData SOAP API interface

type DFNRole

type DFNRole string

type DomainFilter

type DomainFilter func(DomainInformation) bool

type DomainInformation

type DomainInformation struct {
	Approved              bool
	ApprovedDate          time.Time
	BRVersion             string
	ChallengeMailAddress  string
	LastChallengeMailSent time.Time
	Method                string
	Name                  string
	Secret                bool
	Type                  string
	ValidUntil            time.Time

func (DomainInformation) Filter

func (domainInformation DomainInformation) Filter(filter DomainFilter) bool

Filter returns true if the domainInformation matches the predicate filter

type ExtendedDomains

type ExtendedDomains struct {
	Change  string
	Domains []DomainInformation

func ListExtendedDomains

func ListExtendedDomains(client SoapClient, raid int) (extendedDomains ExtendedDomains, err error)

ListExtendedDomains implements the SOAP API listExtendedDomains interface

type GetCertificateByRequestSerialData

type GetCertificateByRequestSerialData struct {
	RaId   int
	Serial int
	PIN    string

type NewRequestData

type NewRequestData struct {
	RaId                          int
	Pkcs10                        string
	AltNames                      []string
	Role                          DFNRole
	PIN                           string
	AddName, AddEMail, AddOrgUnit string
	Publish                       bool

type SendChallengeEMailData

type SendChallengeEMailData struct {
	RaId   int
	Name   string
	Type   string
	Change string

type SendChallengeEMailReturn

type SendChallengeEMailReturn struct {
	Change                string
	LastChallengeMailSent time.Time

func SendChallengeEMail

func SendChallengeEMail(client SoapClient, raid int, name string, Type string, change string) (response SendChallengeEMailReturn, err error)

SendChallengeEMail implements the SOAP API sendChallengeEMail interface

type SoapClient

type SoapClient struct {
	Client  *http.Client
	SoapURL string

func NewSoapClient

func NewSoapClient(client *http.Client, baseurl string) SoapClient

func (*SoapClient) Request

func (sc *SoapClient) Request(tmpl *template.Template, data interface{}) ([]byte, mxj.Map, error)

generic SOAP call


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