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Published: Nov 22, 2020 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 21 Imported by: 0



go xmpp library (original was written by russ cox )




Package xmpp implements a simple Google Talk client using the XMPP protocol described in RFC 3920 and RFC 3921.


  • support password protected MUC rooms
  • cleanup signatures of join/leave functions



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const (
	XMPPNS_AVATAR_PEP_DATA     = "urn:xmpp:avatar:data"
	XMPPNS_AVATAR_PEP_METADATA = "urn:xmpp:avatar:metadata"
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const (
	XMPPNS_DISCO_ITEMS = "http://jabber.org/protocol/disco#items"
	XMPPNS_DISCO_INFO  = "http://jabber.org/protocol/disco#info"
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const (
	NoHistory      = 0
	CharHistory    = 1
	StanzaHistory  = 2
	SecondsHistory = 3
	SinceHistory   = 4
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const (
	XMPPNS_PUBSUB       = "http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub"
	XMPPNS_PUBSUB_EVENT = "http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub#event"
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const IQTypeGet = "get"
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const IQTypeResult = "result"
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const IQTypeSet = "set"


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var DebugWriter io.Writer = os.Stderr

DebugWriter is the writer used to write debugging output to.

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var DefaultConfig tls.Config

Default TLS configuration options


This section is empty.


type AvatarData

type AvatarData struct {
	Data []byte
	From string

type AvatarMetadata

type AvatarMetadata struct {
	From   string
	Bytes  int
	Width  int
	Height int
	ID     string
	Type   string
	URL    string

type Chat

type Chat struct {
	Remote     string
	Type       string
	Text       string
	Subject    string
	Thread     string
	Ooburl     string
	Oobdesc    string
	References []Reference
	ID         string
	ReplaceID  string
	Roster     Roster
	Other      []string
	OtherElem  []XMLElement
	Stamp      time.Time

Chat is an incoming or outgoing XMPP chat message.

type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client holds XMPP connection opitons

func NewClient

func NewClient(host, user, passwd string, debug bool) (*Client, error)

NewClient creates a new connection to a host given as "hostname" or "hostname:port". If host is not specified, the DNS SRV should be used to find the host from the domainpart of the JID. Default the port to 5222.

func NewClientNoTLS

func NewClientNoTLS(host, user, passwd string, debug bool) (*Client, error)

NewClientNoTLS creates a new client without TLS

func (*Client) ApproveSubscription

func (c *Client) ApproveSubscription(jid string)

func (*Client) AvatarRequestData

func (c *Client) AvatarRequestData(jid string)

func (*Client) AvatarRequestDataByID

func (c *Client) AvatarRequestDataByID(jid, id string)

func (*Client) AvatarRequestMetadata

func (c *Client) AvatarRequestMetadata(jid string)

func (*Client) AvatarSubscribeMetadata

func (c *Client) AvatarSubscribeMetadata(jid string)

func (*Client) AvatarUnsubscribeMetadata

func (c *Client) AvatarUnsubscribeMetadata(jid string)

func (*Client) Close

func (c *Client) Close() error

Close closes the XMPP connection

func (*Client) DiscoverEntityItems

func (c *Client) DiscoverEntityItems(jid string) (string, error)

Discover items that an entity exposes

func (*Client) DiscoverNodeInfo

func (c *Client) DiscoverNodeInfo(node string) (string, error)

Discover information about a node

func (*Client) DiscoverServerItems

func (c *Client) DiscoverServerItems() (string, error)

Discover items that the server exposes

func (*Client) Discovery

func (c *Client) Discovery() (string, error)

func (*Client) IsEncrypted

func (c *Client) IsEncrypted() bool

IsEncrypted will return true if the client is connected using a TLS transport, either because it used. TLS to connect from the outset, or because it successfully used STARTTLS to promote a TCP connection to TLS.

func (*Client) JID

func (c *Client) JID() string

func (*Client) JoinMUC

func (c *Client) JoinMUC(jid, nick string, history_type, history int, history_date *time.Time) (n int, err error)

xep-0045 7.2

func (*Client) JoinMUCNoHistory

func (c *Client) JoinMUCNoHistory(jid, nick string) (n int, err error)

func (*Client) JoinProtectedMUC

func (c *Client) JoinProtectedMUC(jid, nick string, password string, history_type, history int, history_date *time.Time) (n int, err error)

xep-0045 7.2.6

func (*Client) LeaveMUC

func (c *Client) LeaveMUC(jid string) (n int, err error)

xep-0045 7.14

func (*Client) PingC2S

func (c *Client) PingC2S(jid, server string) error

func (*Client) PingS2S

func (c *Client) PingS2S(fromServer, toServer string) error

func (*Client) PubsubRequestItem

func (c *Client) PubsubRequestItem(node, jid, id string)

func (*Client) PubsubRequestLastItems

func (c *Client) PubsubRequestLastItems(node, jid string)

func (*Client) PubsubSubscribeNode

func (c *Client) PubsubSubscribeNode(node, jid string)

func (*Client) PubsubUnsubscribeNode

func (c *Client) PubsubUnsubscribeNode(node, jid string)

func (*Client) RawInformation

func (c *Client) RawInformation(from, to, id, iqType, body string) (string, error)

rawInformation send a IQ request with the the payload body to the server

func (*Client) RawInformationQuery

func (c *Client) RawInformationQuery(from, to, id, iqType, requestNamespace, body string) (string, error)

RawInformationQuery sends an information query request to the server.

func (*Client) Recv

func (c *Client) Recv() (stanza interface{}, err error)

Recv waits to receive the next XMPP stanza. Return type is either a presence notification or a chat message.

func (*Client) RequestSubscription

func (c *Client) RequestSubscription(jid string)

func (*Client) RevokeSubscription

func (c *Client) RevokeSubscription(jid string)

func (*Client) Roster

func (c *Client) Roster() error

Roster asks for the chat roster.

func (*Client) Send

func (c *Client) Send(chat Chat) (n int, err error)

Send sends the message wrapped inside an XMPP message stanza body.

func (*Client) SendHtml

func (c *Client) SendHtml(chat Chat) (n int, err error)

SendHtml sends the message as HTML as defined by XEP-0071

func (*Client) SendKeepAlive

func (c *Client) SendKeepAlive() (n int, err error)

SendKeepAlive sends a "whitespace keepalive" as described in chapter 4.6.1 of RFC6120.

func (*Client) SendOOB

func (c *Client) SendOOB(chat Chat) (n int, err error)

SendOOB sends OOB data wrapped inside an XMPP message stanza, without actual body.

func (*Client) SendOrg

func (c *Client) SendOrg(org string) (n int, err error)

SendOrg sends the original text without being wrapped in an XMPP message stanza.

func (*Client) SendPresence

func (c *Client) SendPresence(presence Presence) (n int, err error)

func (*Client) SendResultPing

func (c *Client) SendResultPing(id, toServer string) error

func (*Client) SendTopic

func (c *Client) SendTopic(chat Chat) (n int, err error)

Send sends room topic wrapped inside an XMPP message stanza body.

type Contact

type Contact struct {
	Remote string
	Name   string
	Group  []string
type Cookie uint64

Cookie is a unique XMPP session identifier

type Delay

type Delay struct {
	Stamp string `xml:"stamp,attr"`

type DiscoIdentity

type DiscoIdentity struct {
	Category string
	Type     string
	Name     string

type DiscoItem

type DiscoItem struct {
	Jid  string
	Name string
	Node string

type DiscoItems

type DiscoItems struct {
	Jid   string
	Items []DiscoItem

type DiscoResult

type DiscoResult struct {
	Features   []string
	Identities []DiscoIdentity

type IQ

type IQ struct {
	ID    string
	From  string
	To    string
	Type  string
	Query []byte

type Options

type Options struct {
	// Host specifies what host to connect to, as either "hostname" or "hostname:port"
	// If host is not specified, the  DNS SRV should be used to find the host from the domainpart of the JID.
	// Default the port to 5222.
	Host string

	// User specifies what user to authenticate to the remote server.
	User string

	// Password supplies the password to use for authentication with the remote server.
	Password string

	// Resource specifies an XMPP client resource, like "bot", instead of accepting one
	// from the server.  Use "" to let the server generate one for your client.
	Resource string

	// OAuthScope provides go-xmpp the required scope for OAuth2 authentication.
	OAuthScope string

	// OAuthToken provides go-xmpp with the required OAuth2 token used to authenticate
	OAuthToken string

	// OAuthXmlNs provides go-xmpp with the required namespaced used for OAuth2 authentication.  This is
	// provided to the server as the xmlns:auth attribute of the OAuth2 authentication request.
	OAuthXmlNs string

	// TLS Config
	TLSConfig *tls.Config

	// InsecureAllowUnencryptedAuth permits authentication over a TCP connection that has not been promoted to
	// TLS by STARTTLS; this could leak authentication information over the network, or permit man in the middle
	// attacks.
	InsecureAllowUnencryptedAuth bool

	// NoTLS directs go-xmpp to not use TLS initially to contact the server; instead, a plain old unencrypted
	// TCP connection should be used. (Can be combined with StartTLS to support STARTTLS-based servers.)
	NoTLS bool

	// StartTLS directs go-xmpp to STARTTLS if the server supports it; go-xmpp will automatically STARTTLS
	// if the server requires it regardless of this option.
	StartTLS bool

	// Debug output
	Debug bool

	// Use server sessions
	Session bool

	// Presence Status
	Status string

	// Status message
	StatusMessage string

Options are used to specify additional options for new clients, such as a Resource.

func (Options) NewClient

func (o Options) NewClient() (*Client, error)

NewClient establishes a new Client connection based on a set of Options.

type Presence

type Presence struct {
	From   string
	To     string
	Type   string
	Show   string
	Status string

Presence is an XMPP presence notification.

type PubsubEvent

type PubsubEvent struct {
	Node  string
	Items []PubsubItem

type PubsubItem

type PubsubItem struct {
	ID       string
	InnerXML []byte

type PubsubItems

type PubsubItems struct {
	Node  string
	Items []PubsubItem

type PubsubSubscription

type PubsubSubscription struct {
	SubID  string
	JID    string
	Node   string
	Errors []string

type PubsubUnsubscription

type PubsubUnsubscription PubsubSubscription

type Reference

type Reference struct {
	Start int
	End   int
	Data  string

type Roster

type Roster []Contact

type XMLElement

type XMLElement struct {
	XMLName  xml.Name
	InnerXML string `xml:",innerxml"`

func (*XMLElement) String

func (e *XMLElement) String() string


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