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var (
	ErrEmailNotAllowed       = errors.New("Required email domain not fulfilled")
	ErrInvalidCredentials    = errors.New("Invalid Username or Password")
	ErrNoEmail               = errors.New("Login provider didn't return an email address")
	ErrProviderDeniedRequest = errors.New("Login provider denied login request")
	ErrSignUpNotAllowed      = errors.New("Signup is not allowed for this adapter")
	ErrTooManyLoginAttempts  = errors.New("Too many consecutive incorrect login attempts for user. Login for user temporarily blocked")
	ErrPasswordEmpty         = errors.New("No password provided.")
	ErrUsersQuotaReached     = errors.New("Users quota reached")
	ErrGettingUserQuota      = errors.New("Error getting user quota")
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var NewLdapAuthenticator = func(server *LdapServerConf) ILdapAuther {
	return &ldapAuther{server: server, log: log.New("ldap")}


func AuthenticateUser

func AuthenticateUser(query *m.LoginUserQuery) error

func Init

func Init()

func UpsertUser

func UpsertUser(cmd *m.UpsertUserCommand) error


type ILdapAuther

type ILdapAuther interface {
	Login(query *m.LoginUserQuery) error
	SyncUser(query *m.LoginUserQuery) error
	GetGrafanaUserFor(ctx *m.ReqContext, ldapUser *LdapUserInfo) (*m.User, error)

type ILdapConn

type ILdapConn interface {
	Bind(username, password string) error
	Search(*ldap.SearchRequest) (*ldap.SearchResult, error)
	StartTLS(*tls.Config) error

type LdapAttributeMap

type LdapAttributeMap struct {
	Username string `toml:"username"`
	Name     string `toml:"name"`
	Surname  string `toml:"surname"`
	Email    string `toml:"email"`
	MemberOf string `toml:"member_of"`

type LdapConfig

type LdapConfig struct {
	Servers []*LdapServerConf `toml:"servers"`
var LdapCfg LdapConfig

type LdapGroupToOrgRole

type LdapGroupToOrgRole struct {
	GroupDN        string     `toml:"group_dn"`
	OrgId          int64      `toml:"org_id"`
	IsGrafanaAdmin *bool      `toml:"grafana_admin"` // This is a pointer to know if it was set or not (for backwards compatibility)
	OrgRole        m.RoleType `toml:"org_role"`

type LdapServerConf

type LdapServerConf struct {
	Host          string           `toml:"host"`
	Port          int              `toml:"port"`
	UseSSL        bool             `toml:"use_ssl"`
	StartTLS      bool             `toml:"start_tls"`
	SkipVerifySSL bool             `toml:"ssl_skip_verify"`
	RootCACert    string           `toml:"root_ca_cert"`
	ClientCert    string           `toml:"client_cert"`
	ClientKey     string           `toml:"client_key"`
	BindDN        string           `toml:"bind_dn"`
	BindPassword  string           `toml:"bind_password"`
	Attr          LdapAttributeMap `toml:"attributes"`

	SearchFilter  string   `toml:"search_filter"`
	SearchBaseDNs []string `toml:"search_base_dns"`

	GroupSearchFilter              string   `toml:"group_search_filter"`
	GroupSearchFilterUserAttribute string   `toml:"group_search_filter_user_attribute"`
	GroupSearchBaseDNs             []string `toml:"group_search_base_dns"`

	LdapGroups []*LdapGroupToOrgRole `toml:"group_mappings"`

type LdapUserInfo

type LdapUserInfo struct {
	DN        string
	FirstName string
	LastName  string
	Username  string
	Email     string
	MemberOf  []string

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