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func GetAWSConfigSession

func GetAWSConfigSession(cn connAttr, c *cfg.Config, roleArn string, region string, noMetadata bool) (*aws.Config, *session.Session)

GetAWSConfigSession returns AWS config and session instances.

func IsTimeoutError

func IsTimeoutError(err error) bool

IsTimeoutError checks whether error is timeout error.

func ProxyServerTransport

func ProxyServerTransport(config *cfg.Config) *http.Transport

ProxyServerTransport configures HTTP transport for TCP Proxy Server.


type Conn

type Conn struct{}

Conn implements connAttr interface.

type XRay

type XRay interface {
	PutTraceSegments(input *xray.PutTraceSegmentsInput) (*xray.PutTraceSegmentsOutput, error)
	PutTelemetryRecords(input *xray.PutTelemetryRecordsInput) (*xray.PutTelemetryRecordsOutput, error)

XRay defines X-Ray api call structure.

func NewXRay

func NewXRay(awsConfig *aws.Config, s *session.Session) XRay

NewXRay creates a new instance of the XRay client with a aws configuration and session .

type XRayClient

type XRayClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

XRayClient represents X-Ray client.

func (*XRayClient) PutTelemetryRecords

func (c *XRayClient) PutTelemetryRecords(input *xray.PutTelemetryRecordsInput) (*xray.PutTelemetryRecordsOutput, error)

PutTelemetryRecords makes PutTelemetryRecords api call on X-Ray client.

func (*XRayClient) PutTraceSegments

func (c *XRayClient) PutTraceSegments(input *xray.PutTraceSegmentsInput) (*xray.PutTraceSegmentsOutput, error)

PutTraceSegments makes PutTraceSegments api call on X-Ray client.

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