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Package swift provides a storagedriver.StorageDriver implementation to store blobs in Openstack Swift object storage.

This package leverages the ncw/swift client library for interfacing with Swift.

It supports both TempAuth authentication and Keystone authentication (up to version 3).

As Swift has a limit on the size of a single uploaded object (by default this is 5GB), the driver makes use of the Swift Large Object Support (http://docs.openstack.org/developer/swift/overview_large_objects.html). Only one container is used for both manifests and data objects. Manifests are stored in the 'files' pseudo directory, data objects are stored under 'segments'.



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type Driver

type Driver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Driver is a storagedriver.StorageDriver implementation backed by Openstack Swift Objects are stored at absolute keys in the provided container.

func FromParameters

func FromParameters(parameters map[string]interface{}) (*Driver, error)

FromParameters constructs a new Driver with a given parameters map Required parameters: - username - password - authurl - container

func New

func New(params Parameters) (*Driver, error)

New constructs a new Driver with the given Openstack Swift credentials and container name

type Parameters

type Parameters struct {
	Username            string
	Password            string
	AuthURL             string
	Tenant              string
	TenantID            string
	Domain              string
	DomainID            string
	TenantDomain        string
	TenantDomainID      string
	TrustID             string
	Region              string
	AuthVersion         int
	Container           string
	Prefix              string
	EndpointType        string
	InsecureSkipVerify  bool
	ChunkSize           int
	SecretKey           string
	AccessKey           string
	TempURLContainerKey bool
	TempURLMethods      []string

Parameters A struct that encapsulates all of the driver parameters after all values have been set

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