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func TrimWildcard

func TrimWildcard(san string) string


type Answer

type Answer struct {
	Domain string // domain name of the visited HTTPS site
	HTTP   string // value set in the Onion-Location HTTP header (if any)
	HTML   string // value set in the Onion-Location HTML attribute (if any)

	CtxErr bool  // true if context deadline was exceeded
	ReqErr error // nil if HTTP GET request could be constructed
	DoErr  error // nil if HTTP GET request could be executed

func (*Answer) OnionLocation

func (a *Answer) OnionLocation() bool

func (Answer) String

func (a Answer) String() string

type Progress

type Progress struct {
	NumOK    int
	NumOnion int

	NumMakeReqErr     int
	NumDNSNotFoundErr int
	NumDNSTimeoutErr  int
	NumDNSOtherErr    int
	NumConnTimeoutErr int
	NumConnSyscallErr int
	NumTLSCertErr     int
	NumTLSOtherErr    int
	Num3xxErr         int
	NumEOFErr         int
	NumDeadlineErr    int
	NumOtherErr       int

func (*Progress) AddAnswer

func (p *Progress) AddAnswer(a Answer)

func (*Progress) NumConnErr

func (p *Progress) NumConnErr() int

func (*Progress) NumDNSErr

func (p *Progress) NumDNSErr() int

func (*Progress) NumError

func (p *Progress) NumError() int

func (*Progress) NumProcess

func (p *Progress) NumProcess() int

func (*Progress) NumTLSErr

func (p *Progress) NumTLSErr() int

func (Progress) String

func (p Progress) String() string

type Question

type Question struct {
	Domain string // domain name to visit via HTTPS

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