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const (
	// EncryptionHandshake is the Handshake encryption level
	EncryptionHandshake = qtls.EncryptionHandshake
	// Encryption0RTT is the 0-RTT encryption level
	Encryption0RTT = qtls.Encryption0RTT
	// EncryptionApplication is the application data encryption level
	EncryptionApplication = qtls.EncryptionApplication


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func AEADAESGCMTLS13(key, fixedNonce []byte) cipher.AEAD

AEADAESGCMTLS13 creates a new AES-GCM AEAD for TLS 1.3

func ToTLSConnectionState

func ToTLSConnectionState(cs ConnectionState) tls.ConnectionState

ToTLSConnectionState extracts the tls.ConnectionState


type Alert

type Alert = qtls.Alert

Alert is a TLS alert

type Certificate

type Certificate = qtls.Certificate

A Certificate is qtls.Certificate.

type CertificateRequestInfo

type CertificateRequestInfo = qtls.CertificateRequestInfo

CertificateRequestInfo contains inforamtion about a certificate request.

type CipherSuiteTLS13

type CipherSuiteTLS13 = qtls.CipherSuiteTLS13

A CipherSuiteTLS13 is a cipher suite for TLS 1.3

func CipherSuiteTLS13ByID

func CipherSuiteTLS13ByID(id uint16) *CipherSuiteTLS13

CipherSuiteTLS13ByID gets a TLS 1.3 cipher suite.

type ClientHelloInfo

type ClientHelloInfo = qtls.ClientHelloInfo

ClientHelloInfo contains information about a ClientHello.

type ClientSessionCache

type ClientSessionCache = qtls.ClientSessionCache

ClientSessionCache is a cache used for session resumption.

type ClientSessionState

type ClientSessionState = qtls.ClientSessionState

ClientSessionState is a state needed for session resumption.

type Config

type Config = qtls.Config

A Config is a qtls.Config.

type Conn

type Conn = qtls.Conn

A Conn is a qtls.Conn.

func Client

func Client(conn net.Conn, config *Config, extraConfig *ExtraConfig) *Conn

Client returns a new TLS client side connection.

func Server

func Server(conn net.Conn, config *Config, extraConfig *ExtraConfig) *Conn

Server returns a new TLS server side connection.

type ConnectionState

type ConnectionState = qtls.ConnectionStateWith0RTT

ConnectionState contains information about the state of the connection.

func GetConnectionState

func GetConnectionState(conn *Conn) ConnectionState

type EncryptionLevel

type EncryptionLevel = qtls.EncryptionLevel

EncryptionLevel is the encryption level of a message.

type Extension

type Extension = qtls.Extension

Extension is a TLS extension

type ExtraConfig

type ExtraConfig = qtls.ExtraConfig

ExtraConfig is the qtls.ExtraConfig

type RecordLayer

type RecordLayer = qtls.RecordLayer

RecordLayer is a qtls RecordLayer.

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