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const (
	FlagReply jrpcSeq = 1 << 31
	FlagMask  jrpcSeq = (1 << 31) - 1
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const DefaultURL = "pmtp://"


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var RpcUpgradeServer = MakeUpgradeServer(RpcCodeList...)


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type Client

type Client interface {
	Busy() int // number of pending requests, -1 if closed
	Call(method string, args any, reply any) error
	Close() error
	Code() Code

func Connect

func Connect(uri string) (Client, error)

Connect to a server using the shared client pool.

func Dial

func Dial(url string) (Client, error)

func DialContext

func DialContext(ctx context.Context, url string) (Client, error)

type Code

type Code interface {
	Open(conn net.Conn) (Client, error)
	Serve(conn net.Conn, sv Server)
	String() string
var CodeJRPC Code = jrpcCode{}
var CodeJSON Code = &stdCodeAdapter{jsonCode{}, "json-rpc"}
var CodeYRPC Code = YamuxCode{CodeJRPC}

func FindCodeByName

func FindCodeByName(name string) Code

type ConnURL

type ConnURL struct {
	Path           string
	RawQuery       string
	Host           string
	Secret         string
	DisablePoolMux bool
	DisableYamux   bool
	Code           Code
	Websocket      bool
	TLS            bool

URL parsing.

func ConvertURL

func ConvertURL(from *url.URL) (u *ConnURL, err error)

func ParseURL

func ParseURL(urlStr string) (u *ConnURL, err error)

func (*ConnURL) Dialer

func (u *ConnURL) Dialer() *Dialer

func (*ConnURL) URL

func (u *ConnURL) URL() *url.URL

type Dialer

type Dialer struct {
	NetDialContext  func(ctx context.Context, network string, address string) (net.Conn, error)
	TLSClientConfig *tls.Config

Dialer is a dialer for RPC connections over HTTP and WebSocket.

func NewDialer

func NewDialer(secret string) *Dialer

func (*Dialer) Dial

func (d *Dialer) Dial(u *ConnURL) (Client, error)

func (*Dialer) DialContext

func (d *Dialer) DialContext(ctx context.Context, u *ConnURL) (Client, error)

func (*Dialer) DialUpgrade

func (d *Dialer) DialUpgrade(ctx context.Context, u *url.URL, proto string) (conn net.Conn, err error)

func (*Dialer) RoundTrip

func (d *Dialer) RoundTrip(req *http.Request) (conn net.Conn, resp *http.Response, err error)

type PoolMux

type PoolMux struct {
	Connect func(c Code) (Client, error)
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PoolMux is a pool of pmtp.Clients, if a code is of type ymux, the pool will be initially populated with the underlying code and switch to a shared ymux connection when the pool is drained.

func NewPoolMux

func NewPoolMux(code Code, connect func(c Code) (Client, error)) (*PoolMux, error)

NewPoolMux creates a new pool of pmtp.Clients with a default size.

func NewPoolMuxConfig

func NewPoolMuxConfig(cfg PoolMuxConfig) (*PoolMux, error)

NewPoolMuxConfig creates a new pool of pmtp.Clients with a given configuration.

func (*PoolMux) Acquire

func (p *PoolMux) Acquire() (cli Client, unique bool, err error)

Acquire returns a pmtp.Client from the pool, if the pool is closed, it returns io.ErrClosedPipe. If the pool is drained, it will share another connection or return the muxed connection.

func (*PoolMux) Busy

func (p *PoolMux) Busy() int

Implement the pmtp.Client interface. Busy returns the number of busy connections in the pool.

func (*PoolMux) Call

func (p *PoolMux) Call(method string, args, reply any) error

Call is a wrapper around pmtp.Client.Call, it acquires a client from the pool,

func (*PoolMux) Close

func (p *PoolMux) Close() error

Close closes the pool and all of its connections.

func (*PoolMux) Code

func (p *PoolMux) Code() Code

Code returns the code of the pool.

func (*PoolMux) MaxConns

func (p *PoolMux) MaxConns() int

Returns the MaxConns of the pool.

func (*PoolMux) Preconnect

func (p *PoolMux) Preconnect(n int) error

Preconnect ensures that the pool is prepopulated with a given number of connections.

func (*PoolMux) Release

func (p *PoolMux) Release(cli Client, unique bool)

Release returns a pmtp.Client to the pool, if the client is unique and not closed, it will be added to the pool.

type PoolMuxConfig

type PoolMuxConfig struct {
	// Code is the code of the pool.
	Code Code
	// Connect is the function used to create a new connection.
	Connect func(c Code) (Client, error)
	// MaxConns is the maximum number of connections in the pool.
	MaxConns int
	// Preconnect is the number of connections to preconnect.
	Preconnect int
	// AfterClose is a function called after the pool is closed.
	AfterClose func()

type Server

type Server interface {
	ServeRPC(method string, body json.RawMessage) (any, error)

type ServerFunc

type ServerFunc func(method string, body json.RawMessage) (any, error)

func (ServerFunc) ServeRPC

func (f ServerFunc) ServeRPC(method string, body json.RawMessage) (any, error)

type ServerProtocol

type ServerProtocol[Arg any] interface {
	Serve(conn net.Conn, arg Arg)
	String() string

type Stream

type Stream interface {
	Close() error
	Write(h uint32, v *jrpcPacket) error
	ReadHeader() (h uint32, err error)
	ReadBody(v *jrpcPacket) error

type UpgradeListener

type UpgradeListener struct {
	UpgradeServer[erasedProtocol, any]
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewUpgradeListener

func NewUpgradeListener(name string) *UpgradeListener

func (*UpgradeListener) Accept

func (u *UpgradeListener) Accept() (net.Conn, error)

func (*UpgradeListener) Addr

func (u *UpgradeListener) Addr() net.Addr

func (*UpgradeListener) Close

func (u *UpgradeListener) Close() error

func (*UpgradeListener) ServeHTTP

func (u *UpgradeListener) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

type UpgradeServer

type UpgradeServer[Proto ServerProtocol[Arg], Arg any] struct {
	Websocket websocket.Upgrader
	Protocols map[string]Proto

func MakeRPCServer

func MakeRPCServer[Arg any](sv func(conn net.Conn, code Code, arg Arg)) UpgradeServer[*rpcServerAdapter[Arg], Arg]

func MakeUpgradeServer

func MakeUpgradeServer[Proto ServerProtocol[Arg], Arg any](protos ...Proto) UpgradeServer[Proto, Arg]

func (*UpgradeServer[Proto, Arg]) Upgrade

func (u *UpgradeServer[Proto, Arg]) Upgrade(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, arg Arg)

type YamuxCode

type YamuxCode struct {

func (YamuxCode) Open

func (c YamuxCode) Open(conn net.Conn) (Client, error)

func (YamuxCode) Serve

func (c YamuxCode) Serve(conn net.Conn, sv Server)

func (YamuxCode) String

func (c YamuxCode) String() string

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