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Published: Apr 20, 2023 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 12 Imported by: 0



Package rabbitmq provides a RabbitMQ broker



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var (
	DefaultExchange = Exchange{
		Name: "micro",
	DefaultRabbitURL      = "amqp://guest:guest@"
	DefaultPrefetchCount  = 0
	DefaultPrefetchGlobal = false
	DefaultRequeueOnError = false


func AckOnSuccess

func AckOnSuccess() broker.SubscribeOption

AckOnSuccess will automatically acknowledge messages when no error is returned

func DeliveryMode

func DeliveryMode(value uint8) broker.PublishOption

DeliveryMode sets a delivery mode for publishing

func DurableExchange

func DurableExchange() broker.Option

DurableExchange is an option to set the Exchange to be durable

func DurableQueue

func DurableQueue() broker.SubscribeOption

DurableQueue creates a durable queue when subscribing.

func ExchangeName

func ExchangeName(e string) broker.Option

ExchangeName is an option to set the ExchangeName

func ExternalAuth

func ExternalAuth() broker.Option

func Headers

func Headers(h map[string]interface{}) broker.SubscribeOption

Headers adds headers used by the headers exchange

func NewBroker

func NewBroker(opts ...broker.Option) broker.Broker

func PrefetchCount

func PrefetchCount(c int) broker.Option

PrefetchCount ...

func PrefetchGlobal

func PrefetchGlobal() broker.Option

PrefetchGlobal creates a durable queue when subscribing.

func Priority

func Priority(value uint8) broker.PublishOption

Priority sets a priority level for publishing

func QueueArguments

func QueueArguments(h map[string]interface{}) broker.SubscribeOption

QueueArguments sets arguments for queue creation

func RequeueOnError

func RequeueOnError() broker.SubscribeOption

RequeueOnError calls Nack(muliple:false, requeue:true) on amqp delivery when handler returns error

func SubscribeContext

func SubscribeContext(ctx context.Context) broker.SubscribeOption

SubscribeContext set the context for broker.SubscribeOption


type Exchange

type Exchange struct {
	// Name of the exchange
	Name string
	// Whether its persistent
	Durable bool

Exchange is the rabbitmq exchange

type ExternalAuthentication

type ExternalAuthentication struct {

func (*ExternalAuthentication) Mechanism

func (auth *ExternalAuthentication) Mechanism() string

func (*ExternalAuthentication) Response

func (auth *ExternalAuthentication) Response() string

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