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Dcrctl is a command-line client for interacting with the JSON-RPC servers of dcrd and dcrwallet.


In its default configuration, dcrctl connects to dcrd's mainnet RPC port on localhost. The --wallet and --testnet flags change these defaults to the dcrwallet RPC port and/or testnet ports. The --rpcserver/-s flag can be used to specify other hostnames or IP addresses of the server, and can also be used to override the port defaults.

Dcrctl will attempt to read dcrd and dcrwallet config files for the user/password authentication. If these fields cannot be read, dcrctl must be manually configured with the correct authentication. Permanent configuration changes may be written to a config file in a platform-specific location:

  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Dcrctl/dcrctl.conf
  • Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Dcrctl\dcrctl.conf
  • Linux and other Unix: ~/.dcrctl/dcrctl.conf

Build and installation

The latest dcrctl may be built in a single command without cloning this repository:

$ GO111MODULE=on go get decred.org/dcrctl

Appending @master to this will perform a release build using the latest code from the master branch. This may be useful to execute RPC methods not yet found in the latest Decred release.

Alternatively, a development build can be performed by running go install in a locally checked-out repository.


When developing either the dcrd or dcrwallet RPC servers and making modifications to the RPC methods, you may want to build a development version of dcrctl supporting these changes. Due to dcrctl being built around package-global method registrations and reflection, supporting these changes only requires building with the updated packages. To perform this, module replacements may be utilized to point to development versions of dcrd and dcrwallet in your build environment:

$ go mod edit -replace=github.com/decred/dcrd/rpc/jsonrpc/types/v2=../dcrd/rpc/jsonrpc/types
$ go mod edit -replace=decred.org/dcrwallet=../dcrwallet

These replaces should be removed prior to committing any updated module requires:

$ go mod edit -dropreplace=github.com/decred/dcrd/rpc/jsonrpc/types/v2
$ go mod edit -dropreplace=decred.org/dcrwallet


If you have any further questions you can find us at:


Issue Tracker

The integrated github issue tracker is used for this project.


dcrctl is licensed under the copyfree ISC License.


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