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func NeedUseDragonfly

func NeedUseDragonfly(req *http.Request) bool

NeedUseDragonfly is the default value for shouldUseDragonfly, which downloads all images layers with dragonfly.

func New

func New(options ...Option) http.RoundTripper

New constructs a new instance of a RoundTripper with additional options.


type Option

type Option func(rt *transport) *transport

Option is functional config for transport.

func WithCondition

func WithCondition(c func(r *http.Request) bool) Option

WithCondition configures how to decide whether to use dragonfly or not.

func WithDefaultApplication added in v2.0.6

func WithDefaultApplication(b string) Option

WithDefaultApplication sets default Application for http requests with X-Dragonfly-Application Header

func WithDefaultFilter

func WithDefaultFilter(f string) Option

WithDefaultFilter sets default filter for http requests with X-Dragonfly-Filter Header

func WithDefaultPriority added in v2.0.9

func WithDefaultPriority(p commonv1.Priority) Option

WithDefaultPriority sets default Priority for http requests with X-Dragonfly-Priority Header

func WithDefaultTag added in v2.0.5

func WithDefaultTag(b string) Option

WithDefaultTag sets default tag for http requests with X-Dragonfly-Tag Header

func WithDumpHTTPContent added in v2.0.1

func WithDumpHTTPContent(b bool) Option

func WithPeerIDGenerator added in v2.0.2

func WithPeerIDGenerator(peerIDGenerator peer.IDGenerator) Option

WithPeerIDGenerator sets the peerIDGenerator for transport

func WithPeerSearcher added in v2.1.40

func WithPeerSearcher(peerSearcher pex.PeerSearchBroadcaster) Option

func WithPeerTaskManager

func WithPeerTaskManager(peerTaskManager peer.TaskManager) Option

WithPeerTaskManager sets the peerTaskManager for transport

func WithTLS

func WithTLS(cfg *tls.Config) Option

WithTLS configures TLS config used for http transport.

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