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func NeedUseDragonfly

func NeedUseDragonfly(req *http.Request) bool

NeedUseDragonfly is the default value for shouldUseDragonfly, which downloads all images layers with dragonfly.

func New

func New(options ...Option) (http.RoundTripper, error)

New constructs a new instance of a RoundTripper with additional options.


type Option

type Option func(rt *transport) *transport

Option is functional config for transport.

func WithCondition

func WithCondition(c func(r *http.Request) bool) Option

WithCondition configures how to decide whether to use dragonfly or not.

func WithDefaultBiz

func WithDefaultBiz(b string) Option

WithDefaultBiz sets default biz for http requests with X-Dragonfly-Biz Header

func WithDefaultFilter

func WithDefaultFilter(f string) Option

WithDefaultFilter sets default filter for http requests with X-Dragonfly-Filter Header

func WithPeerHost

func WithPeerHost(peerHost *scheduler.PeerHost) Option

WithPeerHost sets the peerHost for transport

func WithPeerTaskManager

func WithPeerTaskManager(peerTaskManager peer.TaskManager) Option

WithPeerTaskManager sets the peerTaskManager for transport

func WithTLS

func WithTLS(cfg *tls.Config) Option

WithTLS configures TLS config used for http transport.

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