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const (
	StatusInput                          = 10
	StatusSensitive                      = 11
	StatusSuccess                        = 20
	StatusTemporaryRedirect              = 30
	StatusPermanentRedirect              = 31
	StatusTemporaryFailure               = 40
	StatusServerUnavailable              = 41
	StatusCGIError                       = 42
	StatusProxyError                     = 43
	StatusSlowDown                       = 44
	StatusPermanentFailure               = 50
	StatusNotFound                       = 51
	StatusGone                           = 52
	StatusProxyRequestRefused            = 53
	StatusBadRequest                     = 59
	StatusClientCertificateRequired      = 60
	StatusClientCertificateNotAuthorized = 61
	StatusCertificateNotValid            = 62

Gemini status header codes


This section is empty.


func ConnHandler

func ConnHandler(cc *fastnet.ConnCtx) error

ConnHandler is the gemini new connection handler function. This should be set to the fastnet.Server's ConnHandler member, or simply create a new server via NewServer()

func MimeType

func MimeType(filename string) (string, bool)

MimeType returns the parsed mime-type for a file path

func NewServer

func NewServer() fastnet.Server

NewServer returns a new fastnet.Server instance for the supplied Config with gemini ConnHandler set

func ServeFile

func ServeFile(ctx *fastnet.RequestCtx, rw ResponseWriter, r *Request, file *os.File)

ServeFile attempts to parse a mime-type from either the file's extension, or first 512-bytes of the file, to set an appropriate response header. Before finally serving content to the client

func StatusText added in v1.1.0

func StatusText(code int) string

StatusText returns string representation of supplied status code, or empty

func ToHandler

func ToHandler(h Handler) fastnet.Handler

ToHandler will convert a gemini Handler to fastnet.Handler


type Handler

type Handler interface {
	Serve(ctx *fastnet.RequestCtx, rw ResponseWriter, r *Request)

Handler is a gemini specific request handler interface, use ToHandler() to convert to fastnet.Handler

type HandlerFunc

type HandlerFunc func(ctx *fastnet.RequestCtx, rw ResponseWriter, r *Request)

Handler is a gemini specific requeust handler function which implements fastnet.Handler

func (HandlerFunc) Serve

func (h HandlerFunc) Serve(ctx *fastnet.RequestCtx)

type Request

type Request struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Request contains information regarding a Gemini request. It is NOT valid use this object or any mutable data types contained within (e.g. Bytes(), StringPtr() ) after the handler this was originally passed to has returned. Do NOT assume it is thread-safe

func GetRequest

func GetRequest(ctx *fastnet.RequestCtx) *Request

GetRequest fetches the stored Request object from a RequestCtx

func (*Request) FullURI

func (r *Request) FullURI() bytes.Bytes

FullURI returns a Bytes representation of the full URI (scheme + authority + path + query)

func (*Request) Host

func (r *Request) Host() bytes.Bytes

Host returns the host Bytes from the URI

func (*Request) Path

func (r *Request) Path() bytes.Bytes

Path returns the path Bytes from the URI

func (*Request) Query

func (r *Request) Query() *uri.QueryParams

Query returns the query parameters from the URI

func (*Request) RequestURI

func (r *Request) RequestURI() bytes.Bytes

RequestURI returns a Bytes representation of the request URI (path + query)

func (*Request) Scheme

func (r *Request) Scheme() bytes.Bytes

Scheme returns the scheme Bytes from the URI

func (*Request) TLS

func (r *Request) TLS() *tls.ConnectionState

TLS returns the tls ConnectionState associated with this request

type ResponseWriter

type ResponseWriter interface {
	// Status returns the current set status code (if any)
	Status() int

	// Meta returns the currently set status meta (if any)
	Meta() string

	// WriteHeader writes the supplied status code and meta to the response Writer
	WriteHeader(code int, meta string) error


ResponseWriter defines a means of responding to a Gemini request. It is NOT valid to attempt writes after the handler this was originally handed to has returned. Do NOT assume it is thread-safe

func GetResponseWriter added in v1.1.0

func GetResponseWriter(ctx *fastnet.RequestCtx) ResponseWriter

GetResponse fetches the Gemini Response object from a RequestCtx

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