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Published: Feb 21, 2024 License: AGPL-3.0 Imports: 19 Imported by: 0




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const ConfirmRegistrationTemplate = `` /* 600-byte string literal not displayed */
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const EmailPasswordTemplate = `` /* 534-byte string literal not displayed */


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func AddEvent

func AddEvent(user models.Account, event, target, ip, ua string) models.ActionEvent

func AddNotifySubscriber

func AddNotifySubscriber(user models.Account, provider, device, ua string) (models.NotificationSubscriber, error)

func Authenticate

func Authenticate(access, refresh string, depth int) (models.Account, string, string, error)

func ConfirmAccount

func ConfirmAccount(code string) error

func CreateAccount

func CreateAccount(name, nick, email, password string) (models.Account, error)

func GetAccount

func GetAccount(id uint) (models.Account, error)

func GetFactorCode

func GetFactorCode(factor models.AuthFactor) (bool, error)

func GetThirdClient

func GetThirdClient(id string) (models.ThirdClient, error)

func GetThirdClientWithSecret

func GetThirdClientWithSecret(id, secret string) (models.ThirdClient, error)

func LookupAccount

func LookupAccount(id string) (models.Account, error)

func LookupChallenge

func LookupChallenge(id uint) (models.AuthChallenge, error)

func LookupChallengeWithFingerprint

func LookupChallengeWithFingerprint(id uint, ip string, ua string) (models.AuthChallenge, error)

func LookupFactor

func LookupFactor(id uint) (models.AuthFactor, error)

func LookupFactorsByUser

func LookupFactorsByUser(uid uint) ([]models.AuthFactor, error)

func LookupSessionWithToken

func LookupSessionWithToken(tokenId string) (models.AuthSession, error)

func NewMagicToken

func NewMagicToken(mode models.MagicTokenType, assignTo *models.Account, expiredAt *time.Time) (models.MagicToken, error)

func NewNotification

func NewNotification(
	user models.ThirdClient,
	target models.Account,
	subject, content string,
	links []models.NotificationLink,
	important bool,
) error

func NotifyMagicToken

func NotifyMagicToken(token models.MagicToken) error

func PerformAutoSignoff

func PerformAutoSignoff() *gorm.DB

func SendMail

func SendMail(target string, subject string, content string) error

func SendMailHTML

func SendMailHTML(target string, subject string, content string) error

func ValidateMagicToken

func ValidateMagicToken(code string, mode models.MagicTokenType) (models.MagicToken, error)


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