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const (
	GitHookUser    string = "user"
	GitHookRepo    string = "repo"
	GitHookName    string = "name"
	GitHookContent string = "content"
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const (
	PublicKeyUser         string = "username"
	PublicKey             string = "key"
	PublicKeyReadOnlyFlag string = "read_only"
	PublicKeyTitle        string = "title"
	PublicKeyId           string = "id"
	PublicKeyFingerprint  string = "fingerprint"
	PublicKeyCreated      string = "created"
	PublicKeyType         string = "type"
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const (
	TeamName                string = "name"
	TeamOrg                 string = "organisation"
	TeamDescription         string = "description"
	TeamPermissions         string = "permission"
	TeamCreateRepoFlag      string = "can_create_repos"
	TeamIncludeAllReposFlag string = "include_all_repositories"
	TeamUnits               string = "units"
	TeamRepositories        string = "repositories"
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const (
	TokenName      string = "name"
	TokenHash      string = "token"
	TokenLastEight string = "last_eight"
	TokenScopes    string = "scopes"
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const (
	RepoAdminChangeTeamAccess string = "repo_admin_change_team_access"


This section is empty.


func CollapseStringList

func CollapseStringList(strlist []string) []interface{}

func ExpandStringList

func ExpandStringList(configured []interface{}) []string

func Provider

func Provider() *schema.Provider

Provider returns a terraform.ResourceProvider.


type Config

type Config struct {
	Token      string
	Username   string
	Password   string
	BaseURL    string
	Insecure   bool
	CACertFile string

Config is per-provider, specifies where to connect to gitea

func (*Config) Client

func (c *Config) Client() (interface{}, error)

Client returns a *gitea.Client to interact with the configured gitea instance

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