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func Deliver

func Deliver(ctx context.Context, t *webhook_model.HookTask) error

Deliver creates the http.Request (depending on the webhook type), sends it and records the status and response.

func Init added in v1.17.0

func Init() error

Init starts the hooks delivery thread

func IsValidHookTaskType

func IsValidHookTaskType(name string) bool

IsValidHookTaskType returns true if a webhook registered

func IsValidSlackChannel added in v1.17.4

func IsValidSlackChannel(name string) bool

IsValidSlackChannel validates a channel name conforms to what slack expects: https://api.slack.com/methods/conversations.rename#naming Conversation names can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores, and must be 80 characters or less. Gitea accepts if it starts with a #.

func MatrixLinkToRef

func MatrixLinkToRef(repoURL, ref string) string

MatrixLinkToRef Matrix-formatter link to a repo ref

func NewNotifier added in v1.19.0

func NewNotifier() notify_service.Notifier

NewNotifier create a new webhookNotifier notifier

func PrepareWebhook

PrepareWebhook creates a hook task and enqueues it for processing. The payload is saved as-is. The adjustments depending on the webhook type happen right before delivery, in the Deliver method.

func PrepareWebhooks

func PrepareWebhooks(ctx context.Context, source EventSource, event webhook_module.HookEventType, p api.Payloader) error

PrepareWebhooks adds new webhooks to task queue for given payload.

func ReplayHookTask added in v1.16.0

func ReplayHookTask(ctx context.Context, w *webhook_model.Webhook, uuid string) error

ReplayHookTask replays a webhook task

func SlackLinkFormatter

func SlackLinkFormatter(url, text string) string

SlackLinkFormatter creates a link compatible with slack

func SlackLinkToRef

func SlackLinkToRef(repoURL, ref string) string

SlackLinkToRef slack-formatter link to a repo ref

func SlackShortTextFormatter

func SlackShortTextFormatter(s string) string

SlackShortTextFormatter replaces &, <, > with HTML characters

func SlackTextFormatter

func SlackTextFormatter(s string) string

SlackTextFormatter replaces &, <, > with HTML characters see: https://api.slack.com/docs/formatting

func ToHook added in v1.19.0

func ToHook(repoLink string, w *webhook_model.Webhook) (*api.Hook, error)

ToHook convert models.Webhook to api.Hook This function is not part of the convert package to prevent an import cycle


type DingtalkPayload

type DingtalkPayload dingtalk.Payload

DingtalkPayload represents

type DiscordEmbed

type DiscordEmbed struct {
	Title       string              `json:"title"`
	Description string              `json:"description"`
	URL         string              `json:"url"`
	Color       int                 `json:"color"`
	Footer      DiscordEmbedFooter  `json:"footer"`
	Author      DiscordEmbedAuthor  `json:"author"`
	Fields      []DiscordEmbedField `json:"fields"`

DiscordEmbed is for Embed Structure

type DiscordEmbedAuthor

type DiscordEmbedAuthor struct {
	Name    string `json:"name"`
	URL     string `json:"url"`
	IconURL string `json:"icon_url"`

DiscordEmbedAuthor for Embed Author Structure

type DiscordEmbedField

type DiscordEmbedField struct {
	Name  string `json:"name"`
	Value string `json:"value"`

DiscordEmbedField for Embed Field Structure

type DiscordEmbedFooter

type DiscordEmbedFooter struct {
	Text string `json:"text"`

DiscordEmbedFooter for Embed Footer Structure.

type DiscordMeta

type DiscordMeta struct {
	Username string `json:"username"`
	IconURL  string `json:"icon_url"`

DiscordMeta contains the discord metadata

func GetDiscordHook

func GetDiscordHook(w *webhook_model.Webhook) *DiscordMeta

GetDiscordHook returns discord metadata

type DiscordPayload

type DiscordPayload struct {
	Wait      bool           `json:"wait"`
	Content   string         `json:"content"`
	Username  string         `json:"username"`
	AvatarURL string         `json:"avatar_url,omitempty"`
	TTS       bool           `json:"tts"`
	Embeds    []DiscordEmbed `json:"embeds"`

DiscordPayload represents

type EventSource added in v1.17.4

type EventSource struct {
	Repository *repo_model.Repository
	Owner      *user_model.User

EventSource represents the source of a webhook action. Repository and/or Owner must be set.

type FeishuPayload

type FeishuPayload struct {
	MsgType string `json:"msg_type"` // text / post / image / share_chat / interactive / file /audio / media
	Content struct {
		Text string `json:"text"`
	} `json:"content"`

FeishuPayload represents

type MSTeamsAction

type MSTeamsAction struct {
	Type    string                `json:"@type"`
	Name    string                `json:"name"`
	Targets []MSTeamsActionTarget `json:"targets,omitempty"`

MSTeamsAction is an action (creates buttons, links etc)

type MSTeamsActionTarget

type MSTeamsActionTarget struct {
	Os  string `json:"os"`
	URI string `json:"uri"`

MSTeamsActionTarget is the actual link to follow, etc

type MSTeamsFact

type MSTeamsFact struct {
	Name  string `json:"name"`
	Value string `json:"value"`

MSTeamsFact for Fact Structure

type MSTeamsPayload

type MSTeamsPayload struct {
	Type            string           `json:"@type"`
	Context         string           `json:"@context"`
	ThemeColor      string           `json:"themeColor"`
	Title           string           `json:"title"`
	Summary         string           `json:"summary"`
	Sections        []MSTeamsSection `json:"sections"`
	PotentialAction []MSTeamsAction  `json:"potentialAction"`

MSTeamsPayload is the parent object

type MSTeamsSection

type MSTeamsSection struct {
	ActivityTitle    string        `json:"activityTitle"`
	ActivitySubtitle string        `json:"activitySubtitle"`
	ActivityImage    string        `json:"activityImage"`
	Facts            []MSTeamsFact `json:"facts"`
	Text             string        `json:"text"`

MSTeamsSection is a MessageCard section

type MatrixMeta

type MatrixMeta struct {
	HomeserverURL string `json:"homeserver_url"`
	Room          string `json:"room_id"`
	MessageType   int    `json:"message_type"`

MatrixMeta contains the Matrix metadata

func GetMatrixHook

func GetMatrixHook(w *webhook_model.Webhook) *MatrixMeta

GetMatrixHook returns Matrix metadata

type MatrixPayload added in v1.17.4

type MatrixPayload struct {
	Body          string               `json:"body"`
	MsgType       string               `json:"msgtype"`
	Format        string               `json:"format"`
	FormattedBody string               `json:"formatted_body"`
	Commits       []*api.PayloadCommit `json:"io.gitea.commits,omitempty"`

MatrixPayload contains payload for a Matrix room

type PackagistMeta added in v1.17.0

type PackagistMeta struct {
	Username   string `json:"username"`
	APIToken   string `json:"api_token"`
	PackageURL string `json:"package_url"`

PackagistMeta contains the metadata for the webhook

func GetPackagistHook added in v1.17.0

func GetPackagistHook(w *webhook_model.Webhook) *PackagistMeta

GetPackagistHook returns packagist metadata

type PackagistPayload added in v1.17.0

type PackagistPayload struct {
	PackagistRepository struct {
		URL string `json:"url"`
	} `json:"repository"`

PackagistPayload represents

type SlackAttachment

type SlackAttachment struct {
	Fallback  string `json:"fallback"`
	Color     string `json:"color"`
	Title     string `json:"title"`
	TitleLink string `json:"title_link"`
	Text      string `json:"text"`

SlackAttachment contains the slack message

type SlackMeta

type SlackMeta struct {
	Channel  string `json:"channel"`
	Username string `json:"username"`
	IconURL  string `json:"icon_url"`
	Color    string `json:"color"`

SlackMeta contains the slack metadata

func GetSlackHook

func GetSlackHook(w *webhook_model.Webhook) *SlackMeta

GetSlackHook returns slack metadata

type SlackPayload

type SlackPayload struct {
	Channel     string            `json:"channel"`
	Text        string            `json:"text"`
	Username    string            `json:"username"`
	IconURL     string            `json:"icon_url"`
	UnfurlLinks int               `json:"unfurl_links"`
	LinkNames   int               `json:"link_names"`
	Attachments []SlackAttachment `json:"attachments"`

SlackPayload contains the information about the slack channel

type TelegramMeta

type TelegramMeta struct {
	BotToken string `json:"bot_token"`
	ChatID   string `json:"chat_id"`
	ThreadID string `json:"thread_id"`

TelegramMeta contains the telegram metadata

func GetTelegramHook

func GetTelegramHook(w *webhook_model.Webhook) *TelegramMeta

GetTelegramHook returns telegram metadata

type TelegramPayload

type TelegramPayload struct {
	Message           string `json:"text"`
	ParseMode         string `json:"parse_mode"`
	DisableWebPreview bool   `json:"disable_web_page_preview"`

TelegramPayload represents

type WechatworkPayload added in v1.16.0

type WechatworkPayload struct {
	Msgtype string `json:"msgtype"`
	Text    struct {
		Content             string   `json:"content"`
		MentionedList       []string `json:"mentioned_list"`
		MentionedMobileList []string `json:"mentioned_mobile_list"`
	} `json:"text"`
	Markdown struct {
		Content string `json:"content"`
	} `json:"markdown"`

WechatworkPayload represents

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