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const NonexistentID = int64(math.MaxInt64)

NonexistentID an ID that will never exist


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func AssertCount

func AssertCount(t assert.TestingT, bean, expected any) bool

AssertCount assert the count of a bean

func AssertCountByCond

func AssertCountByCond(t assert.TestingT, tableName string, cond builder.Cond, expected int) bool

AssertCountByCond test the count of database entries matching bean

func AssertExistsAndLoadBean

func AssertExistsAndLoadBean[T any](t assert.TestingT, bean T, conditions ...any) T

AssertExistsAndLoadBean assert that a bean exists and load it from the test database

func AssertExistsAndLoadMap

func AssertExistsAndLoadMap(t assert.TestingT, table string, conditions ...any) map[string]string

AssertExistsAndLoadMap assert that a row exists and load it from the test database

func AssertExistsIf

func AssertExistsIf(t assert.TestingT, expected bool, bean any, conditions ...any)

AssertExistsIf asserts that a bean exists or does not exist, depending on what is expected.

func AssertInt64InRange

func AssertInt64InRange(t assert.TestingT, low, high, value int64)

AssertInt64InRange assert value is in range [low, high]

func AssertNotExistsBean

func AssertNotExistsBean(t assert.TestingT, bean any, conditions ...any)

AssertNotExistsBean assert that a bean does not exist in the test database

func AssertSuccessfulInsert

func AssertSuccessfulInsert(t assert.TestingT, beans ...any)

AssertSuccessfulInsert assert that beans is successfully inserted

func BeanExists

func BeanExists(t assert.TestingT, bean any, conditions ...any) bool

BeanExists for testing, check if a bean exists

func CheckConsistencyFor

func CheckConsistencyFor(t assert.TestingT, beansToCheck ...any)

CheckConsistencyFor test that all matching database entries are consistent

func Cond

func Cond(query any, args ...any) any

Cond create a condition with arguments for a test

func Copy added in v1.17.0

func Copy(src, dest string) error

Copy copies file from source to target path.

func CopyDir added in v1.17.0

func CopyDir(srcPath, destPath string, filters ...func(filePath string) bool) error

CopyDir copy files recursively from source to target directory.

The filter accepts a function that process the path info. and should return true for need to filter.

It returns error when error occurs in underlying functions.

func CreateTestEngine

func CreateTestEngine(opts FixturesOptions) error

CreateTestEngine creates a memory database and loads the fixture data from fixturesDir

func FixturesDir

func FixturesDir() string

FixturesDir returns the fixture directory

func GetCount

func GetCount(t assert.TestingT, bean any, conditions ...any) int

GetCount get the count of a bean

func GetCountByCond

func GetCountByCond(t assert.TestingT, tableName string, cond builder.Cond) int64

GetCountByCond get the count of database entries matching bean

func GetXORMEngine

func GetXORMEngine(engine ...*xorm.Engine) (x *xorm.Engine)

GetXORMEngine gets the XORM engine

func InitFixtures

func InitFixtures(opts FixturesOptions, engine ...*xorm.Engine) (err error)

InitFixtures initialize test fixtures for a test database

func InitSettings added in v1.20.0

func InitSettings()

InitSettings initializes config provider and load common settings for tests

func LoadBeanIfExists

func LoadBeanIfExists(bean any, conditions ...any) (bool, error)

LoadBeanIfExists loads beans from fixture database if exist

func LoadFixtures

func LoadFixtures(engine ...*xorm.Engine) error

LoadFixtures load fixtures for a test database

func MainTest

func MainTest(m *testing.M, testOpts ...*TestOptions)

MainTest a reusable TestMain(..) function for unit tests that need to use a test database. Creates the test database, and sets necessary settings.

func OrderBy added in v1.20.0

func OrderBy(orderBy string) any

OrderBy creates "ORDER BY" a test query

func PrepareTestDatabase

func PrepareTestDatabase() error

PrepareTestDatabase load test fixtures into test database

func PrepareTestEnv

func PrepareTestEnv(t testing.TB)

PrepareTestEnv prepares the environment for unit tests. Can only be called by tests that use the above MainTest(..) function.


type FixturesOptions

type FixturesOptions struct {
	Dir   string
	Files []string

FixturesOptions fixtures needs to be loaded options

type TestOptions added in v1.17.0

type TestOptions struct {
	FixtureFiles []string
	SetUp        func() error // SetUp will be executed before all tests in this package
	TearDown     func() error // TearDown will be executed after all tests in this package

TestOptions represents test options

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