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Published: Jan 15, 2020 License: MIT Imports: 12 Imported by: 0




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const (
	HB_SPOT_ACCOUNT  = "spot"


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var HBPOINT = NewCurrency("HBPOINT", "")


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type AccountInfo

type AccountInfo struct {
	Id    string
	Type  string
	State string

type BaseResponse

type BaseResponse struct {
	Status  string          `json:"status"`
	Ch      string          `json:"ch"`
	Ts      int64           `json:"ts"`
	ErrCode int             `json:"err_code"`
	ErrMsg  string          `json:"err_msg"`
	Data    json.RawMessage `json:"data"`

type DepthResponse

type DepthResponse struct {
	Bids [][]float64
	Asks [][]float64

type DetailResponse

type DetailResponse struct {
	Id     int64
	Open   float64
	Close  float64
	High   float64
	Low    float64
	Amount float64
	Vol    float64
	Count  int64

"id": 1539842340, "mrid": 268041138, "open": 6740.47, "close": 7800, "high": 7800, "low": 6726.13, "amount": 477.1200312075244664773339914558562673572, "vol": 32414, "count": 1716 }

type FuturePos added in v1.1.3

type FuturePos struct {
	Symbol         string  `json:"symbol"`
	ContractCode   string  `json:"contract_code"`
	ContractType   string  `json:"contract_type"`
	Volume         float64 `json:"volume"`
	Available      float64 `json:"available"`
	Frozen         float64 `json:"frozen"`
	CostOpen       float64 `json:"cost_open"`
	CostHold       float64 `json:"cost_hold"`
	ProfitUnreal   float64 `json:"profit_unreal"`
	ProfitRate     float64 `json:"profit_rate"`
	Profit         float64 `json:"profit"`
	PositionMargin float64 `json:"position_margin"`
	LeverRate      int     `json:"lever_rate"`
	Direction      string  `json:"direction"`

type Hbdm

type Hbdm struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewHbdm

func NewHbdm(conf *APIConfig) *Hbdm

func (*Hbdm) FutureCancelOrder

func (dm *Hbdm) FutureCancelOrder(currencyPair CurrencyPair, contractType, orderId string) (bool, error)

func (*Hbdm) GetContractValue

func (dm *Hbdm) GetContractValue(currencyPair CurrencyPair) (float64, error)

func (*Hbdm) GetDeliveryTime

func (dm *Hbdm) GetDeliveryTime() (int, int, int, int)

func (*Hbdm) GetExchangeName

func (dm *Hbdm) GetExchangeName() string

func (*Hbdm) GetExchangeRate

func (dm *Hbdm) GetExchangeRate() (float64, error)

func (*Hbdm) GetFee

func (dm *Hbdm) GetFee() (float64, error)

func (*Hbdm) GetFutureDepth

func (dm *Hbdm) GetFutureDepth(currencyPair CurrencyPair, contractType string, size int) (*Depth, error)

func (*Hbdm) GetFutureEstimatedPrice

func (dm *Hbdm) GetFutureEstimatedPrice(currencyPair CurrencyPair) (float64, error)

func (*Hbdm) GetFutureIndex

func (dm *Hbdm) GetFutureIndex(currencyPair CurrencyPair) (float64, error)

func (*Hbdm) GetFutureOrder

func (dm *Hbdm) GetFutureOrder(orderId string, currencyPair CurrencyPair, contractType string) (*FutureOrder, error)

func (*Hbdm) GetFutureOrders

func (dm *Hbdm) GetFutureOrders(orderIds []string, currencyPair CurrencyPair, contractType string) ([]FutureOrder, error)

func (*Hbdm) GetFuturePosition

func (dm *Hbdm) GetFuturePosition(currencyPair CurrencyPair, contractType string) ([]FuturePosition, error)

func (*Hbdm) GetFutureTicker

func (dm *Hbdm) GetFutureTicker(currencyPair CurrencyPair, contractType string) (ticker *Ticker, errRet error)

func (*Hbdm) GetFutureUserinfo

func (dm *Hbdm) GetFutureUserinfo() (*FutureAccount, error)

func (*Hbdm) GetKlineRecords

func (dm *Hbdm) GetKlineRecords(contract_type string, currency CurrencyPair, period, size, since int) ([]FutureKline, error)

func (*Hbdm) GetTrades

func (dm *Hbdm) GetTrades(contract_type string, currencyPair CurrencyPair, since int64) ([]Trade, error)

func (*Hbdm) GetUnfinishFutureOrders

func (dm *Hbdm) GetUnfinishFutureOrders(currencyPair CurrencyPair, contractType string) ([]FutureOrder, error)

func (*Hbdm) PlaceFutureOrder

func (dm *Hbdm) PlaceFutureOrder(currencyPair CurrencyPair, contractType, price, amount string, openType, matchPrice, leverRate int) (string, error)

func (*Hbdm) Transfer added in v1.1.3

func (dm *Hbdm) Transfer(currency string, amount string, transferType string) error

type HbdmWs

type HbdmWs struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewHbdmWs

func NewHbdmWs() *HbdmWs

func (*HbdmWs) SetCallbacks

func (hbdmWs *HbdmWs) SetCallbacks(tickerCallback func(*FutureTicker),
	depthCallback func(*Depth),
	tradeCallback func(*Trade, string))

func (*HbdmWs) SubscribeDepth

func (hbdmWs *HbdmWs) SubscribeDepth(pair CurrencyPair, contract string, size int) error

func (*HbdmWs) SubscribeSummary

func (hbdmWs *HbdmWs) SubscribeSummary(pair CurrencyPair) error

func (*HbdmWs) SubscribeTicker

func (hbdmWs *HbdmWs) SubscribeTicker(pair CurrencyPair, contract string) error

func (*HbdmWs) SubscribeTrade

func (hbdmWs *HbdmWs) SubscribeTrade(pair CurrencyPair, contract string) error

type HuoBiPro

type HuoBiPro struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewHuoBiPro

func NewHuoBiPro(client *http.Client, apikey, secretkey, accountId string) *HuoBiPro

func NewHuoBiProPoint

func NewHuoBiProPoint(client *http.Client, apikey, secretkey string) *HuoBiPro


  • 点卡账户

func NewHuoBiProSpot

func NewHuoBiProSpot(client *http.Client, apikey, secretkey string) *HuoBiPro



func (*HuoBiPro) CancelOrder

func (hbpro *HuoBiPro) CancelOrder(orderId string, currency CurrencyPair) (bool, error)

func (*HuoBiPro) GetAccount

func (hbpro *HuoBiPro) GetAccount() (*Account, error)

func (*HuoBiPro) GetAccountInfo

func (hbpro *HuoBiPro) GetAccountInfo(acc string) (AccountInfo, error)

func (*HuoBiPro) GetCurrenciesList

func (hbpro *HuoBiPro) GetCurrenciesList() ([]string, error)

func (*HuoBiPro) GetCurrenciesPrecision

func (hbpro *HuoBiPro) GetCurrenciesPrecision() ([]HuoBiProSymbol, error)

func (*HuoBiPro) GetDepth

func (hbpro *HuoBiPro) GetDepth(size int, currency CurrencyPair) (*Depth, error)

func (*HuoBiPro) GetExchangeName

func (hbpro *HuoBiPro) GetExchangeName() string

func (*HuoBiPro) GetKlineRecords

func (hbpro *HuoBiPro) GetKlineRecords(currency CurrencyPair, period, size, since int) ([]Kline, error)


func (*HuoBiPro) GetOneOrder

func (hbpro *HuoBiPro) GetOneOrder(orderId string, currency CurrencyPair) (*Order, error)

func (*HuoBiPro) GetOrderHistorys

func (hbpro *HuoBiPro) GetOrderHistorys(currency CurrencyPair, currentPage, pageSize int) ([]Order, error)

func (*HuoBiPro) GetTicker

func (hbpro *HuoBiPro) GetTicker(currencyPair CurrencyPair) (*Ticker, error)

func (*HuoBiPro) GetTrades

func (hbpro *HuoBiPro) GetTrades(currencyPair CurrencyPair, since int64) ([]Trade, error)


func (*HuoBiPro) GetUnfinishOrders

func (hbpro *HuoBiPro) GetUnfinishOrders(currency CurrencyPair) ([]Order, error)

func (*HuoBiPro) LimitBuy

func (hbpro *HuoBiPro) LimitBuy(amount, price string, currency CurrencyPair) (*Order, error)

func (*HuoBiPro) LimitSell

func (hbpro *HuoBiPro) LimitSell(amount, price string, currency CurrencyPair) (*Order, error)

func (*HuoBiPro) MarketBuy

func (hbpro *HuoBiPro) MarketBuy(amount, price string, currency CurrencyPair) (*Order, error)

func (*HuoBiPro) MarketSell

func (hbpro *HuoBiPro) MarketSell(amount, price string, currency CurrencyPair) (*Order, error)

type HuoBiProSymbol

type HuoBiProSymbol struct {
	BaseCurrency    string
	QuoteCurrency   string
	PricePrecision  float64
	AmountPrecision float64
	SymbolPartition string
	Symbol          string

type OrderInfo

type OrderInfo struct {
	Symbol         string  `json:"symbol"`
	ContractType   string  `json:"contract_type"`
	ContractCode   string  `json:"contract_code"`
	Volume         float64 `json:"volume"`
	Price          float64 `json:"price"`
	OrderPriceType string  `json:"order_price_type"`
	Direction      string  `json:"direction"`
	Offset         string  `json:"offset"`
	LeverRate      int     `json:"lever_rate"`
	OrderId        int64   `json:"order_id"`
	ClientOrderId  int64   `json:"client_order_id"`
	OrderSource    string  `json:"order_source"`
	CreatedAt      int64   `json:"created_at"`
	TradeVolume    float64 `json:"trade_volume"`
	TradeTurnover  float64 `json:"trade_turnover"`
	Fee            float64 `json:"fee"`
	TradeAvgPrice  float64 `json:"trade_avg_price"`
	MarginFrozen   float64 `json:"margin_frozen"`
	Status         int     `json:"status"`

type TradeResponse

type TradeResponse struct {
	Id   int64
	Ts   int64
	Data []struct {
		Id        int64
		Amount    float64
		Price     float64
		Direction string
		Ts        int64

type WsResponse

type WsResponse struct {
	Ch   string
	Ts   int64
	Tick json.RawMessage

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