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The purpose of the Routing API is to present a RESTful interface for registering and deregistering routes for both internal and external clients. This allows easier consumption by different clients as well as the ability to register routes from outside of the CF deployment.


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const (
	UpsertRoute           = "UpsertRoute"
	DeleteRoute           = "Delete"
	ListRoute             = "List"
	EventStreamRoute      = "EventStream"
	ListRouterGroups      = "ListRouterGroups"
	UpdateRouterGroup     = "UpdateRouterGroup"
	CreateRouterGroup     = "CreateRouterGroup"
	DeleteRouterGroup     = "DeleteRouterGroup"
	UpsertTcpRouteMapping = "UpsertTcpRouteMapping"
	DeleteTcpRouteMapping = "DeleteTcpRouteMapping"
	ListTcpRouteMapping   = "ListTcpRouteMapping"
	EventStreamTcpRoute   = "TcpRouteEventStream"


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var RoutesMap = map[string]rata.Route{UpsertRoute: {Path: "/routing/v1/routes", Method: "POST", Name: UpsertRoute},
	DeleteRoute:           {Path: "/routing/v1/routes", Method: "DELETE", Name: DeleteRoute},
	ListRoute:             {Path: "/routing/v1/routes", Method: "GET", Name: ListRoute},
	EventStreamRoute:      {Path: "/routing/v1/events", Method: "GET", Name: EventStreamRoute},
	CreateRouterGroup:     {Path: "/routing/v1/router_groups", Method: "POST", Name: CreateRouterGroup},
	DeleteRouterGroup:     {Path: "/routing/v1/router_groups/:guid", Method: "DELETE", Name: DeleteRouterGroup},
	ListRouterGroups:      {Path: "/routing/v1/router_groups", Method: "GET", Name: ListRouterGroups},
	UpdateRouterGroup:     {Path: "/routing/v1/router_groups/:guid", Method: "PUT", Name: UpdateRouterGroup},
	UpsertTcpRouteMapping: {Path: "/routing/v1/tcp_routes/create", Method: "POST", Name: UpsertTcpRouteMapping},
	DeleteTcpRouteMapping: {Path: "/routing/v1/tcp_routes/delete", Method: "POST", Name: DeleteTcpRouteMapping},
	ListTcpRouteMapping:   {Path: "/routing/v1/tcp_routes", Method: "GET", Name: ListTcpRouteMapping},
	EventStreamTcpRoute:   {Path: "/routing/v1/tcp_routes/events", Method: "GET", Name: EventStreamTcpRoute},


func Routes

func Routes() rata.Routes


type Client

type Client interface {
	UpsertRoutes([]models.Route) error
	Routes() ([]models.Route, error)
	DeleteRoutes([]models.Route) error
	RouterGroups() ([]models.RouterGroup, error)
	RouterGroupWithName(string) (models.RouterGroup, error)
	UpdateRouterGroup(models.RouterGroup) error
	CreateRouterGroup(models.RouterGroup) error
	DeleteRouterGroup(models.RouterGroup) error
	ReservePort(string, string) (int, error)
	UpsertTcpRouteMappings([]models.TcpRouteMapping) error
	DeleteTcpRouteMappings([]models.TcpRouteMapping) error
	TcpRouteMappings() ([]models.TcpRouteMapping, error)
	FilteredTcpRouteMappings([]string) ([]models.TcpRouteMapping, error)

	SubscribeToEvents() (EventSource, error)
	SubscribeToEventsWithMaxRetries(retries uint16) (EventSource, error)
	SubscribeToTcpEvents() (TcpEventSource, error)
	SubscribeToTcpEventsWithMaxRetries(retries uint16) (TcpEventSource, error)

func NewClient

func NewClient(url string, skipTLSVerification bool) Client

func NewClientWithTLSConfig

func NewClientWithTLSConfig(url string, tlsConfig *tls.Config) Client

type Error

type Error struct {
	Type    Type   `json:"name"`
	Message string `json:"message"`

func NewError

func NewError(errType Type, message string) Error

func (Error) Error

func (err Error) Error() string

type Event

type Event struct {
	Route  models.Route
	Action string

type EventSource

type EventSource interface {
	Next() (Event, error)
	Close() error

func NewEventSource

func NewEventSource(raw RawEventSource) EventSource

type RawEventSource

type RawEventSource interface {
	Next() (sse.Event, error)
	Close() error

type TcpEvent

type TcpEvent struct {
	TcpRouteMapping models.TcpRouteMapping
	Action          string

type TcpEventSource

type TcpEventSource interface {
	Next() (TcpEvent, error)
	Close() error

func NewTcpEventSource

func NewTcpEventSource(raw RawEventSource) TcpEventSource

type Type

type Type string
const (
	ResponseError               Type = "ResponseError"
	ResourceNotFoundError       Type = "ResourceNotFoundError"
	ProcessRequestError         Type = "ProcessRequestError"
	RouteInvalidError           Type = "RouteInvalidError"
	RouteServiceUrlInvalidError Type = "RouteServiceUrlInvalidError"
	DBCommunicationError        Type = "DBCommunicationError"
	GuidGenerationError         Type = "GuidGenerationError"
	UnauthorizedError           Type = "UnauthorizedError"
	TcpRouteMappingInvalidError Type = "TcpRouteMappingInvalidError"
	DBConflictError             Type = "DBConflictError"
	PortRangeExhaustedError     Type = "PortRangeExhaustedError"


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