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func AdminAuthMiddleware

func AdminAuthMiddleware(ct CheckToken) func(http.Handler) http.Handler

AdminAuthMiddleware will return HTTP middleware that will authenticate a user is authenticated and has proper permissions.

func RatesShow

func RatesShow(store RateStore, rateInterval time.Duration) http.Handler

RatesShow gets and renders a single Rate for a given timestamp.


type CheckToken

type CheckToken func(token, scope string) bool

CheckToken is a function that is used by the AdminAuthMiddleware to check a given token

type RateStore

type RateStore interface {
	Rate(int64) (store.Rate, error)

RateStore is the interface from which the server will get rates to be rendered via HTTP in JSON.

type Server

type Server struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Server handles setting up an HTTP server and servicing HTTP requests.

func NewServer

func NewServer(
	port uint16,
	ct CheckToken,
	rs RateStore,
	rateInterval time.Duration,
	opts ...ServerOption,
) *Server

NewServer opens a TCP listener and returns an initialized Server.

func (*Server) Addr

func (s *Server) Addr() string

Addr returns the address that the listener is bound to.

func (*Server) Serve

func (s *Server) Serve()

Serve serves the HTTP server on the servers Listener. This is a blocking method.

func (*Server) Stop

func (s *Server) Stop()

Stop will perform a graceful shutdown of the HTTP server.

type ServerOption

type ServerOption func(*Server)

ServerOption is a function that can be passed to the server initializer to configure optional settings.

func WithLogWriter

func WithLogWriter(w io.Writer) ServerOption

WithLogWriter will override the logger used for HTTP logs.

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