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type Accumulator

type Accumulator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Accumulator is the constructor for the accumulator application.

func New

func New(cfg Config) *Accumulator

New configures and returns a new Accumulator

func (*Accumulator) Run

func (a *Accumulator) Run()

Run starts the accumulator. This is a blocking method call.

type Config

type Config struct {
	UAAAddr        string   `env:"UAA_ADDR,        required"`
	ClientID       string   `env:"CLIENT_ID,       required"`
	ClientSecret   string   `env:"CLIENT_SECRET,   required, noreport"`
	NozzleAddrs    []string `env:"NOZZLE_ADDRS,    required"`
	Port           uint16   `env:"PORT,            required"`
	SkipCertVerify bool     `env:"SKIP_CERT_VERIFY"`

	// RateInterval is used with the rates endpoint. This should match the
	// POLLING_INTERVAL of the nozzle.
	RateInterval time.Duration `env:"RATE_INTERVAL"`

	// VCapApplication is used to detect whether or not the application is
	// deployed as a CF application. If it is the NOZZLE_COUNT and
	// NOZZLE_APP_GUID  are required.
	VCapApplication string `env:"VCAP_APPLICATION"`
	NozzleCount     int    `env:"NOZZLE_COUNT"`
	NozzleAppGUID   string `env:"NOZZLE_APP_GUID"`
	LogWriter       io.Writer

	TLSConfig *tls.Config

Config stores configuration data for the accumulator.

func LoadConfig

func LoadConfig() Config

LoadConfig loads the configuration settings from the current environment.

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