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type HealthRegistrar

type HealthRegistrar interface {
	Inc(name string)
	Dec(name string)

HealthRegistrar provides an interface to record various counters.

type MetricClient

type MetricClient interface {
	NewCounter(name string, opts ...metricemitter.MetricOption) *metricemitter.Counter
	NewGauge(name, unit string, opts ...metricemitter.MetricOption) *metricemitter.Gauge

MetricClient creates new CounterMetrics to be emitted periodically.

type Receiver

type Receiver interface {
	Subscribe(ctx context.Context, req *loggregator_v2.EgressBatchRequest) (rx func() (*loggregator_v2.Envelope, error), err error)

Receiver creates a function which will receive envelopes on a stream.

type Server

type Server struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Server represents a bridge between inbound data from the Receiver and outbound data on a gRPC stream.

func NewServer

func NewServer(
	r Receiver,
	m MetricClient,
	h HealthRegistrar,
	c context.Context,
	batchSize int,
	batchInterval time.Duration,
	opts ...ServerOption,
) *Server

NewServer is the preferred way to create a new Server.

func (*Server) BatchedReceiver

BatchedReceiver implements the loggregator-api V2 gRPC interface for receiving batches of envelopes. Envelopes will be written to the egress batched receiver server whenever the configured interval or configured batch size is exceeded.

func (*Server) Receiver

Receiver implements the loggregator-api V2 gRPC interface for receiving envelopes from upstream connections.

type ServerOption

type ServerOption func(*Server)

ServerOption represents a function that cancel configure an RLP egress server.

func WithMaxStreams

func WithMaxStreams(conn int64) ServerOption

WithMaxStreams specifies the maximum streams allowed by the RLP egress server.

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