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Published: Jan 16, 2017 License: Apache-2.0, BSD-3-Clause, MIT Imports: 19 Imported by: 0




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func AddETCDNode

func AddETCDNode(etcdAdapter storeadapter.StoreAdapter, key string, value string)

func AddWSSink

func AddWSSink(receivedChan chan []byte, port string, path string) (*websocket.Conn, <-chan struct{})

func AppKey

func AppKey(appID string) string

func DecodeProtoBufCounterEvent

func DecodeProtoBufCounterEvent(actual []byte) *events.CounterEvent

func DecodeProtoBufEnvelope

func DecodeProtoBufEnvelope(actual []byte) *events.Envelope

func DecodeProtoBufLogMessage

func DecodeProtoBufLogMessage(actual []byte) *events.LogMessage

func DialTLS

func DialTLS(address, cert, key, ca string) (*tls.Conn, error)

func DrainKey

func DrainKey(appID string, drainURL string) string

func MarshalEvent

func MarshalEvent(event events.Event, secret string) []byte

func MarshalProtoBuf

func MarshalProtoBuf(pb proto.Message) []byte

func SendAppLog

func SendAppLog(appID string, message string, connection net.Conn) error

func SendAppLogTCP

func SendAppLogTCP(appID string, message string, connection net.Conn) error

func SendEvent

func SendEvent(event events.Event, connection net.Conn) error

func SendEventTCP

func SendEventTCP(event events.Event, conn net.Conn) error

func StartEncryptedTCPServer

func StartEncryptedTCPServer(pathToTCPEchoServer string, syslogDrainAddress string) *gexec.Session

func StartHTTPSServer

func StartHTTPSServer(pathToHTTPEchoServer string) *gexec.Session

func StartUnencryptedTCPServer

func StartUnencryptedTCPServer(pathToTCPEchoServer string, syslogDrainAddress string) *gexec.Session

func UnmarshalMessage

func UnmarshalMessage(messageBytes []byte) events.Envelope


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