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type Batcher

type Batcher interface {
	BatchCounter(name string) metricbatcher.BatchCounterChainer

type DataDumper

type DataDumper interface {
	LatestContainerMetrics(appID string) []*events.Envelope
	RecentLogsFor(appID string) []*events.Envelope

DataDumper dumps Envelopes for container metrics and recent logs requests.

type DataSetter

type DataSetter interface {
	Set(data []byte)

DataSetter accepts writes of marshalled data.

type GRPCManager

type GRPCManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

GRPCManager is the GRPC server component that accepts requests for firehose streams, application streams, container metrics, and recent logs.

func New

func New(registrar Registrar, dumper DataDumper) *GRPCManager

New creates a new GRPCManager.

func (*GRPCManager) Alert

func (m *GRPCManager) Alert(missed int)

Alert logs dropped message counts to stderr.

func (*GRPCManager) ContainerMetrics

ContainerMetrics is called by GRPC on container metrics requests.

func (*GRPCManager) RecentLogs

RecentLogs is called by GRPC on recent logs requests.

func (*GRPCManager) Subscribe

Subscribe is called by GRPC on stream requests.

type IngestorGRPCServer

type IngestorGRPCServer interface {

type IngestorManager

type IngestorManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewIngestor

func NewIngestor(sender MessageSender, batcher Batcher) *IngestorManager

func (*IngestorManager) Pusher

type MessageSender

type MessageSender interface {

type Registrar

type Registrar interface {
	Register(req *plumbing.SubscriptionRequest, setter DataSetter) func()

Registrar registers stream and firehose DataSetters to accept reads.

type Router

type Router struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRouter

func NewRouter() *Router

func (*Router) Register

func (r *Router) Register(req *plumbing.SubscriptionRequest, dataSetter DataSetter) (cleanup func())

func (*Router) SendTo

func (r *Router) SendTo(appID string, envelope *events.Envelope)

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