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type Config

type Config struct {
	UDPPort              int `env:"UDP_PORT, report"`
	LoggregatorAgentGRPC GRPC
	DebugPort            int    `env:"DEBUG_PORT, report"`
	Deployment           string `env:"DEPLOYMENT, report"`
	Job                  string `env:"JOB, report"`
	Index                string `env:"INDEX, report"`
	IP                   string `env:"IP, report"`

Config holds the configuration for the UDP agent

func LoadConfig

func LoadConfig(log *log.Logger) Config

LoadConfig reads from the environment to create a Config.

type GRPC

type GRPC struct {
	Addr     string `env:"LOGGREGATOR_AGENT_ADDR, report"`
	CAFile   string `env:"LOGGREGATOR_AGENT_CA_FILE_PATH, required, report"`
	CertFile string `env:"LOGGREGATOR_AGENT_CERT_FILE_PATH, required, report"`
	KeyFile  string `env:"LOGGREGATOR_AGENT_KEY_FILE_PATH, required, report"`

GRPC stores the configuration for the UDP agent to connect to the loggregator agent via gRPC over mTLS.

type Metrics

type Metrics interface {
	NewGauge(name string, opts ...metrics.MetricOption) metrics.Gauge
	NewCounter(name string, opts ...metrics.MetricOption) metrics.Counter

type UDPForwarder

type UDPForwarder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewUDPForwarder

func NewUDPForwarder(cfg Config, l *log.Logger, m Metrics) *UDPForwarder

func (*UDPForwarder) Run

func (u *UDPForwarder) Run()

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