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type Config

type Config struct {
	APIURL             string        `env:"API_URL,              required, report"`
	APICAFile          string        `env:"API_CA_FILE_PATH,     required, report"`
	APICertFile        string        `env:"API_CERT_FILE_PATH,   required, report"`
	APIKeyFile         string        `env:"API_KEY_FILE_PATH,    required, report"`
	APICommonName      string        `env:"API_COMMON_NAME,      required, report"`
	APIPollingInterval time.Duration `env:"API_POLLING_INTERVAL, report"`
	APIBatchSize       int           `env:"API_BATCH_SIZE, report"`
	CipherSuites       []string      `env:"CIPHER_SUITES, report"`

	CacheCAFile     string `env:"CACHE_CA_FILE_PATH,     required, report"`
	CacheCertFile   string `env:"CACHE_CERT_FILE_PATH,   required, report"`
	CacheKeyFile    string `env:"CACHE_KEY_FILE_PATH,    required, report"`
	CacheCommonName string `env:"CACHE_COMMON_NAME,      required, report"`

	DebugPort int `env:"DEBUG_PORT,           report"`
	CachePort int `env:"CACHE_PORT, required, report"`

Config holds the configuration for the syslog binding cache

func LoadConfig

func LoadConfig() Config

LoadConfig will load the configuration for the syslog binding cache from the environment. If loading the config fails for any reason this function will panic.

type SyslogBindingCache

type SyslogBindingCache struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewSyslogBindingCache

func NewSyslogBindingCache(config Config, log *log.Logger) *SyslogBindingCache

func (*SyslogBindingCache) Run

func (sbc *SyslogBindingCache) Run()

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