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type Field

type Field struct {
	Name  string
	Type  string
	Ptr   bool
	Slice Slice
	Map   Map

type Linker

type Linker struct{}

func NewLinker

func NewLinker() Linker
func (l Linker) Link(m map[string]Struct, interfaceToStruct map[string][]string)

type Map

type Map struct {
	IsMap bool

type PackageParser

type PackageParser struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewPackageParser

func NewPackageParser(s StructParser) PackageParser

func (PackageParser) Parse

func (p PackageParser) Parse(packagePath, gopath string) (map[string]Struct, error)

type Slice

type Slice struct {
	IsSlice     bool
	IsBasicType bool
	FieldName   string

type Struct

type Struct struct {
	Name                string
	Fields              []Field
	PeerTypeFields      []Field
	InterfaceTypeFields map[Field][]string

type StructFetcher

type StructFetcher struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewStructFetcher

func NewStructFetcher(blacklist map[string][]string, knownTypes, sliceTypes map[string]string) StructFetcher

func (StructFetcher) Parse

func (f StructFetcher) Parse(n ast.Node) ([]Struct, error)

type StructParser

type StructParser interface {
	Parse(n ast.Node) ([]Struct, error)

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