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Published: Jan 29, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 19 Imported by: 0



eirini-staging is a process for building Droplets on Kubernetes. Three conainter images are created:

  • eirini/recipe-downloader: Downloads app-bits and buildpacks from the bits-service
  • eirini/recipe-executor: Executes the buildpackapplifecyle to build a Droplet
  • eirini/recipe-uploader: Uploads the Droplet to the bits-service




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const (
	// Environment Variable Names.
	EnvDownloadURL                     = "DOWNLOAD_URL"
	EnvBuildpacks                      = "BUILDPACKS"
	EnvDropletUploadURL                = "DROPLET_UPLOAD_URL"
	EnvAppID                           = "APP_ID"
	EnvStagingGUID                     = "STAGING_GUID"
	EnvCompletionCallback              = "COMPLETION_CALLBACK"
	EnvCfUsername                      = "CF_USERNAME"
	EnvCfPassword                      = "CF_PASSWORD"
	EnvAPIAddress                      = "API_ADDRESS"
	EnvEiriniAddress                   = "EIRINI_ADDRESS"
	EnvCertsPath                       = "EIRINI_CERTS_PATH"
	EnvBuildpacksDir                   = "EIRINI_BUILDPACKS_DIR"
	EnvWorkspaceDir                    = "EIRINI_WORKSPACE_DIR"
	EnvOutputDropletLocation           = "EIRINI_OUTPUT_DROPLET_LOCATION"
	EnvOutputBuildArtifactsCache       = "EIRINI_OUTPUT_BUILD_ARTIFACTS_CACHE"
	EnvOutputMetadataLocation          = "EIRINI_OUTPUT_METADATA_LOCATION"
	EnvBuildArtifactsCacheDir          = "EIRINI_BUILD_ARTIFACTS_CACHE_DIR"
	EnvBuildpackCacheUploadURI         = "BUILDPACK_CACHE_UPLOAD_URI"
	EnvBuildpackCacheDownloadURI       = "BUILDPACK_CACHE_DOWNLOAD_URI"
	EnvBuildpackCacheChecksum          = "BUILDPACK_CACHE_CHECKSUM"
	EnvBuildpackCacheChecksumAlgorithm = "BUILDPACK_CACHE_CHECKSUM_ALGORITHM"

	RegisteredRoutes = "routes"

	AppBits                      = "app.zip"
	RecipeBuildPacksDir          = "/var/lib/buildpacks"
	RecipeBuildPacksName         = "recipe-buildpacks"
	RecipeWorkspaceDir           = "/recipe_workspace"
	RecipeWorkspaceName          = "recipe-workspace"
	RecipeOutputName             = "staging-output"
	RecipeOutputLocation         = "/out"
	RecipeOutputDropletLocation  = "/out/droplet.tgz"
	RecipeOutputMetadataLocation = "/out/result.json"

	CCUploaderInternalURL = "cc-uploader.service.cf.internal"

	CACertName = "internal-ca-cert"

	CCCertsMountPath = "/etc/config/certs"
	CCAPICertName    = "cc-server-crt"
	CCAPIKeyName     = "cc-server-crt-key"

	EiriniClientCert = "eirini-client-crt"
	EiriniClientKey  = "eirini-client-crt-key"


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func GitClone

func GitClone(repo url.URL, destination string) error

func OpenBuildpackURL

func OpenBuildpackURL(buildpackURL string, client *http.Client) ([]byte, error)


type BuildpackManager

type BuildpackManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*BuildpackManager) Install

func (b *BuildpackManager) Install() error

type BuildpacksKeyModifier

type BuildpacksKeyModifier struct {
	CCBuildpacksJSON string

func (*BuildpacksKeyModifier) Modify

type Commander

type Commander interface {
	Exec(cmd string, args ...string) (int, error)

type DropletUploader

type DropletUploader struct {
	Client *http.Client

func (*DropletUploader) Upload

func (u *DropletUploader) Upload(
	dropletUploadURL string,
	dropletLocation string,
) error

type Executor

type Executor interface {
	ExecuteRecipe() error

type Extractor

type Extractor interface {
	Extract(src, targetDir string) error

type Installer

type Installer interface {
	Install() error

func NewBuildpackManager

func NewBuildpackManager(internalClient *http.Client, defaultClient *http.Client, buildpackDir, buildpacksJSON string) Installer

func NewPackageManager

func NewPackageManager(
	client *http.Client,
	downloadDir string,
	readerFrom ReaderFrom,
) Installer

type NotZipFileError

type NotZipFileError struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (NotZipFileError) Error

func (z NotZipFileError) Error() string

type PackageInstaller

type PackageInstaller struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*PackageInstaller) Install

func (d *PackageInstaller) Install() error

type ReaderFrom

type ReaderFrom func(io.Reader) io.Reader

type Responder

type Responder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewResponder

func NewResponder(stagingGUID, completionCallback, eiriniAddr, caCert, clientCrt, clientKey string) (Responder, error)

func (Responder) PrepareSuccessResponse

func (r Responder) PrepareSuccessResponse(outputLocation, buildpackCfg string) (*models.TaskCallbackResponse, error)

func (Responder) RespondWithFailure

func (r Responder) RespondWithFailure(failure error)

func (Responder) RespondWithSuccess

func (r Responder) RespondWithSuccess(resp *models.TaskCallbackResponse) error

type StagingResultModifier

type StagingResultModifier interface {
	Modify(result builder.StagingResult) (builder.StagingResult, error)

type Unzipper

type Unzipper struct {
	UnzippedSizeLimit int64

func (*Unzipper) Extract

func (u *Unzipper) Extract(src, targetDir string) error

type Uploader

type Uploader interface {
	Upload(path, url string) error


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