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Published: Oct 3, 2019 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 11 Imported by: 0


Space Drain

The space drain creates bindings for all apps in the space its deployed to. The app refreshes bindings every minute, so that new apps are bound to the syslog drain.


While the CF Drain CLI is the preferred deployment strategy, this app can be deployed with out it.

  1. Build the app with
go build
  1. Once the app is built, deploy it with the following command
cf push <name> -b binary_buildpack -c ./space_drain -u proccess --no-start
  1. Set the envrioronment variables in Configuration

  2. Run

cf start <name>


Set the following environment variables on the app with the command

cf set-env <name> VARIABLE <VALUE>
  • SPACE_ID - The ID (rather than the name) of the space the drain is deployed to
  • DRAIN_NAME - The space drain app name. This is used so the drain ignores itself
  • DRAIN_URL - Where to drain the apps. https, syslog, and syslog-tls are supported
  • DRAIN_TYPE - Wether to drain log, metrics, counter, or all
  • API_ADDR - The address of your CF API
  • UAA_ADDR - the address of your UAA API
  • CLIENT_ID - The UAA client to fetch auth tokens given a UAA Refresh token
  • SKIP_CERT_VERIFY - Whether to Skip SSL Validation on outbound calls
  • REFRESH_TOKEN - The Refresh token to be used to get auth tokens


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