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const DOWNLOAD_TIMEOUT = 10 * time.Minute
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const DeaStagingInfoFilename = "staging_info.yml"


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func GitClone

func GitClone(repo url.URL, destination string) error

func IsZipFile

func IsZipFile(filename string) bool


type DeaStagingInfo

type DeaStagingInfo struct {
	DetectedBuildpack string                                 `json:"detected_buildpack" yaml:"detected_buildpack"`
	StartCommand      string                                 `json:"start_command" yaml:"start_command"`
	Config            *buildpackapplifecycle.BuildpackConfig `json:"config,omitempty" yaml:"config,omitempty"`

Used to generate YAML file read by the DEA

func (DeaStagingInfo) GetEntrypointPrefix

func (stagingInfo DeaStagingInfo) GetEntrypointPrefix() string

type Release

type Release struct {
	DefaultProcessTypes buildpackapplifecycle.ProcessTypes `yaml:"default_process_types"`

type Runner

type Runner struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Runner) CleanUp

func (runner *Runner) CleanUp() error

func (*Runner) GetContentsDir

func (runner *Runner) GetContentsDir() string

func (*Runner) GetDepsDir

func (runner *Runner) GetDepsDir() string

func (*Runner) GoLikeLightning

func (runner *Runner) GoLikeLightning() (string, string, error)

func (*Runner) MergeLaunchYML

func (runner *Runner) MergeLaunchYML(buildpackIndex int, procMap resources.LaunchData) (resources.LaunchData, error)

func (*Runner) ProcessFinalBuildpack

func (runner *Runner) ProcessFinalBuildpack(detectedBuildpack, detectedBuildpackDir string, procMap resources.LaunchData) (resources.LaunchData, error)

func (*Runner) ProcessYML

func (runner *Runner) ProcessYML(selectedBuildpacks []string) (resources.LaunchData, error)

func (*Runner) Run

func (runner *Runner) Run() (string, error)

func (*Runner) Setup

func (runner *Runner) Setup() error

func (*Runner) WriteResultJSON

func (runner *Runner) WriteResultJSON(resultData buildpackapplifecycle.StagingResult, buildpacks []buildpackapplifecycle.BuildpackMetadata) (string, error)

func (*Runner) WriteStagingInfoYML

func (runner *Runner) WriteStagingInfoYML(resultData buildpackapplifecycle.StagingResult, buildpacks []buildpackapplifecycle.BuildpackMetadata) (string, error)

func (*Runner) WriteStartCommands

func (runner *Runner) WriteStartCommands(detectedBuildpackDir, detectedBuildpack, detectOutput string, procMap resources.LaunchData) (string, string, error)

type ZipDownloader

type ZipDownloader struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewZipDownloader

func NewZipDownloader(skipSSLVerification bool) *ZipDownloader

func (*ZipDownloader) DownloadAndExtract

func (z *ZipDownloader) DownloadAndExtract(u *url.URL, destination string) (uint64, error)


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