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const (
	HealthPath           = "/health"
	PolicyPath           = "/v1/apps/{appId}/policy"
	CredentialPath       = "/v1/apps/{appId}/credential"
	AggregatedMetricPath = "/v1/apps/{appId}/aggregated_metric_histories/{metric_type}"
	HistoryPath          = "/v1/apps/{appId}/scaling_histories"


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var ConfigFile = func() string {
	defaultCFConfigPath, _ := confighelpers.DefaultFilePath()
	targetsPath := filepath.Join(filepath.Dir(defaultCFConfigPath), "plugins", "autoscaler_config")
	os.MkdirAll(targetsPath, 0700)

	defaultConfigFileName := "config.json"
	if os.Getenv("AUTOSCALER_CONFIG_FILE") != "" {
		defaultConfigFileName = os.Getenv("AUTOSCALER_CONFIG_FILE")
	return filepath.Join(targetsPath, defaultConfigFileName)


func SetEndpoint

func SetEndpoint(cfclient *CFClient, url string, skipSSLValidation bool) error

func UnsetEndpoint

func UnsetEndpoint() error


type APIEndpoint

type APIEndpoint struct {
	URL               string
	SkipSSLValidation bool

func GetEndpoint

func GetEndpoint(cfclient *CFClient) (*APIEndpoint, error)

type APIHelper

type APIHelper struct {
	Endpoint *APIEndpoint
	Client   *CFClient
	Logger   trace.Printer

func NewAPIHelper

func NewAPIHelper(endpoint *APIEndpoint, cfclient *CFClient, traceEnabled string) *APIHelper

func (*APIHelper) CheckHealth

func (helper *APIHelper) CheckHealth() error

func (*APIHelper) CreateCredential

func (helper *APIHelper) CreateCredential(data interface{}) ([]byte, error)

func (*APIHelper) CreatePolicy

func (helper *APIHelper) CreatePolicy(data interface{}) error

func (*APIHelper) DeleteCredential

func (helper *APIHelper) DeleteCredential() error

func (*APIHelper) DeletePolicy

func (helper *APIHelper) DeletePolicy() error

func (*APIHelper) DoRequest

func (helper *APIHelper) DoRequest(req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

func (*APIHelper) GetAggregatedMetrics added in v1.1.0

func (helper *APIHelper) GetAggregatedMetrics(metricName string, startTime, endTime int64, asc bool, page uint64) (bool, [][]string, error)

func (*APIHelper) GetHistory

func (helper *APIHelper) GetHistory(startTime, endTime int64, asc bool, page uint64) (bool, [][]string, error)

func (*APIHelper) GetPolicy

func (helper *APIHelper) GetPolicy() ([]byte, error)

type CFClient

type CFClient struct {
	CCAPIEndpoint string
	AuthToken     string
	AppId         string
	AppName       string
	IsSSLDisabled bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewCFClient

func NewCFClient(connection Connection) (*CFClient, error)

func (*CFClient) Configure

func (client *CFClient) Configure(appName string) error

type Connection

type Connection interface {
	ApiEndpoint() (string, error)
	IsLoggedIn() (bool, error)
	AccessToken() (string, error)
	GetApp(string) (plugin_models.GetAppModel, error)
	IsSSLDisabled() (bool, error)

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