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const ApplicationName = "CaptainHook CLI"

ApplicationName is the name of the application

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const FullVersion = VersionMajor + "." + VersionMinor + "." + VersionPatch

FullVersion contains the full version of this package in a printable string

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const VersionMajor = "0"

VersionMajor 0 means in development, >1 ensures compatibility with each minor version, but breakes with new major version

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const VersionMinor = "1"

VersionMinor introduces changes that require a new version number. If the major version is 0, they are likely to break compatibility

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const VersionPatch = "0"

VersionPatch introduces changes that require a new version number. Follows semver specs.


This section is empty.


func Execute

func Execute()

Execute starts the CLI

func GetVersion

func GetVersion() string

GetVersion gets the server version

func RunRequest

func RunRequest(path, method string) string

RunRequest runs a request to the server to given path with http method


type InternalError

type InternalError struct {
	Message string `json:"message"`

InternalError is any internal error

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