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Package lib datadog exporter



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func NewLib

func NewLib() interfaces.Logger


type Modules

type Modules struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Modules) Clean

func (c *Modules) Clean() interfaces.Logger

func (*Modules) Close

func (c *Modules) Close()

func (*Modules) CloseWithTimeout

func (c *Modules) CloseWithTimeout(timeout time.Duration)

func (*Modules) Debug

func (c *Modules) Debug(format interface{}, input ...interface{})

func (*Modules) Error

func (c *Modules) Error(format interface{}, input ...interface{}) interfaces.Logger

func (*Modules) GetLogLevel

func (c *Modules) GetLogLevel() (level interfaces.DebugLevel)

func (*Modules) GetOutputFormat

func (c *Modules) GetOutputFormat() interfaces.OutputFormat

func (*Modules) GetPrintToConsole

func (c *Modules) GetPrintToConsole() (pr bool)

func (*Modules) Info

func (c *Modules) Info(format interface{}, input ...interface{})

func (*Modules) Init

func (c *Modules) Init(namespace, version string)

Init - Deprecated, use InitWithConfig instead

func (*Modules) InitWithConfig

func (c *Modules) InitWithConfig(namespace, version string, config *interfaces.LoggerConfig)

func (*Modules) Kill

func (c *Modules) Kill()

func (*Modules) New

func (c *Modules) New() interfaces.Logger

func (*Modules) NewSystemLogger

func (c *Modules) NewSystemLogger() *log.Logger

func (*Modules) Notice

func (c *Modules) Notice(format interface{}, input ...interface{})

func (*Modules) ParsingLog

func (c *Modules) ParsingLog(msg interfaces.LoggerMessage) (raw string)

func (*Modules) Printf

func (c *Modules) Printf(f string, data ...interface{})

func (*Modules) Quit

func (c *Modules) Quit()

func (*Modules) RunDatadogTraceLogExporter

func (c *Modules) RunDatadogTraceLogExporter()

func (*Modules) SendDataDogTraceLog

func (c *Modules) SendDataDogTraceLog(data *interfaces.DatadogTraceLog)

func (*Modules) ServiceName

func (c *Modules) ServiceName() string

func (*Modules) ServiceVersion

func (c *Modules) ServiceVersion() string

func (*Modules) SetDatadogExporterContentEncoding

func (c *Modules) SetDatadogExporterContentEncoding(cc string)

func (*Modules) SetLogFile

func (c *Modules) SetLogFile(config *interfaces.LoggingFile)

func (*Modules) SetLogLevel

func (c *Modules) SetLogLevel(level interfaces.DebugLevel)

func (*Modules) SetLogNoOfChunk

func (c *Modules) SetLogNoOfChunk(cc int)

func (*Modules) SetLogSendInterval

func (c *Modules) SetLogSendInterval(cc int)

func (*Modules) SetOnLoggerHandler

func (c *Modules) SetOnLoggerHandler(f func(msg interfaces.LoggerMessage, raw string))

func (*Modules) SetOutputFormat

func (c *Modules) SetOutputFormat(op interfaces.OutputFormat)

func (*Modules) SetPrintToConsole

func (c *Modules) SetPrintToConsole(pr bool)

func (*Modules) SetSendToDatadog

func (c *Modules) SetSendToDatadog(send bool)

func (*Modules) Success

func (c *Modules) Success(format interface{}, input ...interface{})

func (*Modules) Trace

func (c *Modules) Trace(format interface{}, input ...interface{})

func (*Modules) Warning

func (c *Modules) Warning(format interface{}, input ...interface{})

func (*Modules) Write

func (c *Modules) Write(p []byte) (int, error)

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