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Published: Nov 27, 2019 License: Apache-2.0, Apache-2.0 Imports: 21 Imported by: 0



Package model 尝试缓存友好的编写

log db @since 0.0.4

定义框架需要支持的基础数据库类型字段和一些数据库连接句柄等相关处理 做过一些业务的new方法 后面应该补全



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var Create create
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var CreateSQLPath = "./data/sql"
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var DB *sql.DB

DB 数据库接口 @since 0.0.1

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var DB8 *sql.DB
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var DBX *sqlx.DB
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var ErrEmptyResult = scanner.ErrEmptyResult
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var GDB *gorm.DB
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var Insert insert

Insert 插入基础数据

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var Null null

Null 用于安全获取结构体零值 @since 0.0.1


func AppendMap

func AppendMap(a gin.H, b gin.H) gin.H

AppendMap 合并 map 后者会覆盖前者 @since 0.0.1

func BatchUpdate

func BatchUpdate(arr []DBBookTaxonomy) error

BatchUpdate 批量更新数据

func EditCategory

func EditCategory(termID uint64, name string, slug string, description string, parent uint64) error

EditCategory 编辑分类 @since 0.0.1

func ExecSql added in v0.0.22

func ExecSql(tx *sql.Tx, builder interface{}) (sql.Result, error)

通用的执行sql语句 @since 0.0.22 自动记录日志 自动生成sql 自动调用 出错自动回滚

func GetDBPostmetas

func GetDBPostmetas(postID uint64) (map[string]DBPostmeta, error)

GetDBPostmetas post_id @since 0.0.4

func GetOption

func GetOption(name string) string

GetOption 获取 option @since 0.0.1 func GetOption(ctx context.Context, name string) string {

func GetStructFieldTag

func GetStructFieldTag(i interface{}, tagName string) (tableField []string)


func InsertMenu

func InsertMenu(name string, slug string, description string) error

InsertMenu 添加菜单 @since 0.0.1

func InsertMenuItem

func InsertMenuItem(postTitle string, url string, termTaxonomyID uint64) error

InsertMenuItem 添加菜单项 @since 0.0.1

func InsterCategory

func InsterCategory(name string, parent uint64, slug string, description string) error

InsterCategory 添加菜单 @since 0.0.1

func Register

func Register()

Register 注册数据库 @since 0.0.1 @since 0.0.4 引入字段绑定 func Register(ctx context.Context) {

func SetOption

func SetOption(name string, value string, autoload string) error

SetOption 设置网站 option @since 0.0.1

func UpdateMenuTree

func UpdateMenuTree(tree []Tree, parent uint64, i int) (int, error)

UpdateMenuTree 更新菜单顺序 @since 0.0.1

func UseSchema

func UseSchema(schema string)

UseSchema 切换数据库 @since 0.0.1

func WriteLogToDB

func WriteLogToDB(desc string, requestID string, logType LogsLogType)


type BaseTplData

type BaseTplData struct {
	BlogName        string
	BlogDescription string
	BlogKeywords    string

BaseTplData 基础模板变量值 @since 0.0.1

type BookTaxonomyLevel

type BookTaxonomyLevel int
const (
	BookTaxonomyLevelFirst BookTaxonomyLevel = 1

	BookTaxonomyLevelSecond BookTaxonomyLevel = 2

	BookTaxonomyLevelThird BookTaxonomyLevel = 3

	BookTaxonomyLevelFourth BookTaxonomyLevel = 4

	BookTaxonomyLevelFifth BookTaxonomyLevel = 5

type CardState

type CardState string
const (
	CardStateClose CardState = "close"
	CardStateOpen  CardState = "open"

func (CardState) String

func (c CardState) String() string

type Category

type Category struct {
	ID          uint64 `json:"id" gorm:"column:term_taxonomy_id"` // term_taxonomy_id
	Name        string `json:"name"`                              // name
	Description string `json:"description"`                       // description
	Count       int64  `json:"count"`                             // count
	Parent      uint64 `json:"parent"`                            // parent
	Slug        string `json:"slug"`                              // slug
	Taxonomy    string `json:"taxonomy"`                          // taxonomy
	Order       int    `json:"order"`

	SubCategorys []*Category `json:"subCategorys"` // sub_categorys

Category 文章分类结构体 对应底层 Term @since 0.0.1

func GetAllCategory

func GetAllCategory(cats []*Category, parent uint64) ([]*Category, error)

GetAllCategory fuck 完成 @since 0.0.1

func GetCategoryByTermID

func GetCategoryByTermID(termID uint64) (*Category, error)

GetCategoryByTermID 通过id获取 category @since 0.0.1

func GetCategorys

func GetCategorys() (ret []*Category, err error)

GetCategorys 通过视图的形式优化获取分类的调用 @since 0.0.1

type Comment

type Comment struct {
	CommentID          uint64    `json:"comment_ID"`           // comment_ID
	CommentPostID      uint64    `json:"comment_post_ID"`      // comment_post_ID
	CommentAuthor      string    `json:"comment_author"`       // comment_author
	CommentAuthorEmail string    `json:"comment_author_email"` // comment_author_email
	CommentAuthorURL   string    `json:"comment_author_url"`   // comment_author_url
	CommentAuthorIP    string    `json:"comment_author_IP"`    // comment_author_IP
	CommentDate        time.Time `json:"comment_date"`         // comment_date
	CommentDateGMT     time.Time `json:"comment_date_gmt"`     // comment_date_gmt
	CommentContent     string    `json:"comment_content"`      // comment_content
	CommentKarma       int       `json:"comment_karma"`        // comment_karma
	CommentApproved    string    `json:"comment_approved"`     // comment_approved
	CommentAgent       string    `json:"comment_agent"`        // comment_agent
	CommentType        string    `json:"comment_type"`         // comment_type
	CommentParent      uint64    `json:"comment_parent"`       // comment_parent
	UserID             uint64    `json:"user_id"`              // user_id

Comment 评论结构体 @since 0.0.1

type DBBook

type DBBook struct {
	BookID           uint64    `db:"book_id"`            // 主键ID
	UserID           uint64    `db:"user_id"`            // 用户ID
	Name             string    `db:"name"`               // 卡片名称
	Desc             string    `db:"desc"`               // 卡片内容
	State            CardState `db:"state"`              // enum 状态 ('close','open')
	DateLastActivity time.Time `db:"date_last_activity"` // 最后操作时间
	ShortLink        string    `db:"short_link"`         // 短链接
	Date             time.Time `db:"date"`               // 创建时间

func (DBBook) SelectField

func (DBBook) SelectField() []string

type DBBookTaxonomy

type DBBookTaxonomy struct {
	// BookTaxonomyID uint64 // 关联表ID
	BookID       uint64 `db:"book_id"`        // 所属 book ID
	CardID       uint64 `db:"card_id"`        // card ID
	Level        int    `db:"level"`          // 等级
	ParentCardID uint64 `db:"parent_card_id"` // 上级 card ID
	CardOrder    uint64 `db:"card_order"`
	IsLeaf       bool   `db:"is_leaf"`

DBBookTaxonomy 存 book card 的依赖关系及顺序 @since 0.0.9 增加 is_leaf 字段,增加所有 db tag

func TreeToDBStruct

func TreeToDBStruct(bookID uint64, order *int, parentCardID uint64, t []Tree, dbts []DBBookTaxonomy, level int) []DBBookTaxonomy

TreeToDBStruct 将前端的排序 json 转存在数据库

type DBCard

type DBCard struct {
	CardID           uint64    `db:"card_id"`            // 主键ID
	UserID           uint64    `db:"user_id"`            // 用户ID
	Name             string    `db:"name"`               // 卡片名称
	Desc             string    `db:"desc"`               // 卡片内容
	State            CardState `db:"state"`              // enum 状态 ('close','open')
	DateLastActivity time.Time `db:"date_last_activity"` // 最后操作时间
	ShortLink        string    `db:"short_link"`         // 短链接
	Date             time.Time `db:"date"`               // 创建时间
	// @since v0.0.9
	InBook bool `db:"in_book"` // 是否归属到book

func (DBCard) SelectField

func (DBCard) SelectField() []string

@since v0.0.9

type DBCoupon

type DBCoupon struct {
	CouponID         uint64    `db:"coupon_id"` // id
	UID              uint64    `db:"uid"`
	Code             string    `db:"code"`               // 优惠券码
	Title            string    `db:"title"`              // 优惠券标题
	Excerpt          string    `db:"excerpt"`            // 优惠券副标题
	Desc             string    `db:"desc"`               // 优惠券使用说明
	Date             time.Time `db:"date"`               // 创建时间
	DateLastActivity time.Time `db:"date_last_activity"` // 最后一次修改/使用
	Nbf              time.Time `db:"nbf"`                // 在此时间前不可使用
	Exp              time.Time `db:"exp"`                // 在此时间后不可使用
	Maximum          int       `db:"maximum"`            // 最大使用次数
	Used             int       `db:"used"`               // 已使用次数
	Img              string    `db:"img"`                // 列表图片地址
	State            int       `db:"state"`              // 0 关闭 1 打开

DBCoupon 优惠券表 @since 0.0.4

func (DBCoupon) SelectField

func (DBCoupon) SelectField() []string

type DBCouponLog

type DBCouponLog struct {
	CouponLogID      uint64 // id
	UID              uint64
	Code             string    // 优惠券码
	Title            string    // 优惠券标题
	Excerpt          string    // 优惠券副标题
	Desc             string    // 优惠券使用说明
	Date             time.Time // 创建时间
	DateLastActivity time.Time // 最后一次修改/使用
	Nbf              time.Time // 在此时间前不可使用
	Exp              time.Time // 在此时间后不可使用
	Maximum          int       // 最大使用次数
	Used             int       // 已使用次数
	Img              string    // 列表图片地址

DBCouponLog 优惠券表使用详情 @since 0.0.4

type DBCreditLog

type DBCreditLog struct {
	LogID       uint64    `db:"log_id"`      //mediumint(8) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
	UserID      uint64    `db:"user_id"`     //bigint(8) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
	Operation   string    `db:"operation"`   // char(3) NOT NULL DEFAULT ”,
	RelatedID   uint64    `db:"related_id"`  //int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
	Date        time.Time `db:"date"`        //int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
	Extcredits1 int       `db:"extcredits1"` //int(10) NOT NULL,
	Extcredits2 int       `db:"extcredits2"` //int(10) NOT NULL,
	Extcredits3 int       `db:"extcredits3"` //int(10) NOT NULL,
	Extcredits4 int       `db:"extcredits4"` //int(10) NOT NULL,
	Extcredits5 int       `db:"extcredits5"` //int(10) NOT NULL,
	Extcredits6 int       `db:"extcredits6"` //int(10) NOT NULL,
	Extcredits7 int       `db:"extcredits7"` //int(10) NOT NULL,
	Extcredits8 int       `db:"extcredits8"` //int(10) NOT NULL,
	Reason      string    `db:"reason"`      // varchar(45)

DBCredit_log @since 0.0.9

func (DBCreditLog) SelectField

func (DBCreditLog) SelectField() []string

type DBGoods

type DBGoods struct {
	GoodsID         uint64    `db:"goods_id"`
	GoodsName       string    `db:"goods_name"`
	GoodsPrice      float64   `db:"goods_price"`
	GoodsCategoryID uint64    `db:"goods_category_id"`
	GoodsUID        uint64    `db:"goods_uid"`
	GoodsDate       time.Time `db:"goods_date"`
	GoodsContent    string    `db:"goods_content"`
	GoodsExcerpt    string    `db:"goods_excerpt"`
	GoodsStatus     string    `db:"goods_status"`
	GoodsModified   time.Time `db:"goods_modified"`
	GoodsOrder      uint64    `db:"goods_order"`
	GoodsImg        string    `db:"goods_img"`
	GoodsExt        string    `db:"goods_ext"`

type DBLogs

type DBLogs struct {
	LogID     uint64
	Desc      string
	CreatTime time.Time
	RequestID string
	LogType   string

DBLogs 日志表 @since 0.0.4 尝试添加日志到 mysql 8 数据库中,使用 json 的新特性

type DBOrderGoods added in v0.0.22

type DBOrderGoods struct {
	RecID   uint64 `db:"rec_id"`
	OrderID uint64 `db:"order_id"`

@since 0.0.22 订单商品

type DBOrderInfo added in v0.0.22

type DBOrderInfo struct {
	OrderID     uint64  `db:"order_id"`
	OrderSN     string  `db:"order_sn"`
	Mobile      string  `db:"mobile"`
	GoodsAmount float64 `db:"goods_amount"`

@since 0.0.22 订单头表

type DBPost

type DBPost struct {
	ID                  uint64    `db:"ID" json:"ID" gorm:"primary_key;column:ID"`          // ID
	PostAuthor          uint64    `db:"post_author" json:"post_author"`                     // post_author
	PostDate            time.Time `db:"post_date" json:"post_date"`                         // post_date
	PostDateGmt         time.Time `db:"post_date_gmt" json:"post_date_gmt"`                 // post_date_gmt
	PostContent         string    `db:"post_content" json:"post_content"`                   // post_content
	PostTitle           string    `db:"post_title" json:"post_title"`                       // post_title
	PostExcerpt         string    `db:"post_excerpt" json:"post_excerpt"`                   // post_excerpt
	PostStatus          string    `db:"post_status" json:"post_status"`                     // post_status
	CommentStatus       string    `db:"comment_status" json:"comment_status"`               // comment_status
	PingStatus          string    `db:"ping_status" json:"ping_status"`                     // ping_status
	PostPassword        string    `db:"post_password" json:"post_password"`                 // post_password
	PostName            string    `db:"post_name" json:"post_name"`                         // post_name
	ToPing              string    `db:"to_ping" json:"to_ping"`                             // to_ping
	Pinged              string    `db:"pinged" json:"pinged"`                               // pinged
	PostModified        time.Time `db:"post_modified" json:"post_modified"`                 // post_modified
	PostModifiedGmt     time.Time `db:"post_modified_gmt" json:"post_modified_gmt"`         // post_modified_gmt
	PostContentFiltered string    `db:"post_content_filtered" json:"post_content_filtered"` // post_content_filtered
	PostParent          uint64    `db:"post_parent" json:"post_parent"`                     // post_parent
	GUID                string    `db:"guid" json:"guid"`                                   // guid
	MenuOrder           int       `db:"menu_order" json:"menu_order"`                       // menu_order
	PostType            string    `db:"post_type" json:"post_type"`                         // post_type
	PostMimeType        string    `db:"post_mime_type" json:"post_mime_type"`               // post_mime_type
	CommentCount        int64     `db:"comment_count" json:"comment_count"`                 // comment_count

	Tags              []*Tag                `db:"-"`
	Comments          []*Comment            `db:"-"`
	TermRelationships []*DBTermRelationship `db:"-"` // 用于关联文章对分类  这里应该关联 term
	Postmetas         []*wpsapi.Postmetum   `db:"-"` // 更换成小写m

DBPost 文章常用结构体 TODO 只留文章用到的字段 @since 0.0.1 @since 0.0.6 TODO DB 结构体 只保留数据库字段 其他字段移动到业务结构体 post 0.0.7

func GetDBPost

func GetDBPost(id uint64) (*DBPost, error)

GetDBPost id @since 0.0.4

func (DBPost) SelectField

func (DBPost) SelectField() []string

SelectField @since 0.0.6

func (DBPost) TableName

func (DBPost) TableName() string

TableName 表名 gorm @since 0.0.1

type DBPostmeta

type DBPostmeta struct {
	MetaID    uint
	PostID    int
	MetaKey   string
	MetaValue string

DBPostmeta 文章属性 @since 0.0.1 @since 0.0.4 重命名 Postmeta -> DBPostmeta

type DBTaxonomyMeta added in v0.0.25

type DBTaxonomyMeta struct {
	MetaID         uint64 `db:"meta_id"`
	TermTaxonomyID uint64 `db:"term_taxonomy_id"`
	MetaKey        string `db:"meta_key"`
	MetaValue      string `db:"meta_value"`

func (DBTaxonomyMeta) SelectField added in v0.0.25

func (DBTaxonomyMeta) SelectField() []string

type DBTerm

type DBTerm struct {
	TermID    uint64 `json:"termID" gorm:"column:term_id;primary_key"` // term_id
	Name      string `json:"name"`                                     // name
	Slug      string `json:"slug"`                                     // slug
	TermGroup int64  `json:"termGroup"`                                // term_group

	// 暂时还不敢删 有一些历史关联引用
	TermTaxonomy *DBTermTaxonomy

DBTerm 项 @since 0.0.1

func GetDBTerm

func GetDBTerm(termID uint64) (*DBTerm, error)

GetDBTerm term_id @since 0.0.4

func (DBTerm) TableName

func (DBTerm) TableName() string

TableName 表名称 gorm @since 0.0.1

type DBTermRelationship

type DBTermRelationship struct {
	ObjectID       uint64 `json:"object_id"`        // object_id
	TermTaxonomyID uint64 `json:"term_taxonomy_id"` // term_taxonomy_id
	TermOrder      int    `json:"term_order"`       // term_order

DBTermRelationship 分类 @since 0.0.1

func GetDBTermRelationships

func GetDBTermRelationships(termTaxonomyID uint64) (*DBTermRelationship, error)

GetDBTermRelationships term_taxonomy_id @since 0.0.4

func (DBTermRelationship) TableName

func (DBTermRelationship) TableName() string

TableName 数据库表名 gorm @since 0.0.1

type DBTermTaxonomy

type DBTermTaxonomy struct {
	TermTaxonomyID uint64 `json:"termTaxonomyID"` // term_taxonomy_id
	TermID         uint64 `json:"termID"`         // term_id
	Taxonomy       string `json:"taxonomy"`       // taxonomy
	Description    string `json:"description"`    // description
	Parent         uint64 `json:"parent"`         // parent
	Count          int64  `json:"count"`          // count


DBTermTaxonomy 类型辅助结构体 @since 0.0.1

func GetDBTermTaxonomy

func GetDBTermTaxonomy(termID uint64) (*DBTermTaxonomy, error)

GetDBTermTaxonomy term_id @since 0.0.4

func (DBTermTaxonomy) TableName

func (DBTermTaxonomy) TableName() string

TableName 表名 gorm @since 0.0.1

type DBUsermeta

type DBUsermeta struct {
	UmetaID   uint64 `db:"umeta_id"`
	UserID    uint64 `db:"user_id"`
	MetaKey   string `db:"meta_key"`
	MetaValue string `db:"meta_value"`

func (DBUsermeta) SelectField

func (DBUsermeta) SelectField() []string

type DBUsers

type DBUsers struct {
	ID                uint64     `db:"ID"`
	UserLogin         string     `db:"user_login"`
	UserPhone         string     `db:"user_phone"`
	UserPass          string     `db:"user_pass"`
	UserNicename      string     `db:"user_nicename"`
	UserEmail         string     `db:"user_email"`
	UserURL           string     `db:"user_url"`
	UserRegistered    time.Time  `db:"user_registered"`
	UserActivationKey string     `db:"user_activation_key"`
	UserStatus        UserStatus `db:"user_status"` // TODO
	DisplayName       string     `db:"display_name"`
	Deleted           int        `db:"deleted"`
	// 增加微信信息字段
	// @since 0.0.4
	Openid           string `db:"openid"`
	WechatHeadImgURL string `db:"wechat_head_img_url"`
	Sex              int    `db:"sex"`    // 0 未知 1 男 2 女
	Number           string `db:"number"` // 用户外码
	// @since 0.0.9 增加积分字段
	Credits int64 `db:"credits"` // 积分

DBUsers 用户表 @since 0.0.4 @since 0.0.9 增加积分字段

func (DBUsers) SelectField

func (DBUsers) SelectField() []string

type Label

type Label struct {
	ID          uint64 `json:"id" gorm:"column:term_taxonomy_id"`
	Name        string `json:"name" gorm:"column:name"`
	Slug        string `json:"slug" gorm:"slug"`
	Taxonomy    string `json:"taxonomy" gorm:"column:taxonomy"`
	Description string `json:"description" gorm:"column:description"`

Label 状态标记 对应底层是 Term @since 0.0.1

func (Label) TableName

func (Label) TableName() string

TableName 标签对应的数据库表名 @since 0.0.1

type LogsLogType

type LogsLogType string

LogsLogType 日志类型 @since 0.0.4

const (
	// ENUM('router', 'model', 'bind', 'normalize')
	LogsLogTypeRouter    LogsLogType = "router"
	LogsLogTypeModel     LogsLogType = "model"
	LogsLogTypeNormalize LogsLogType = "LogsLogType"

LogsLogType 日志类型 @since 0.0.4

func (LogsLogType) String

func (l LogsLogType) String() string

LogsLogType 日志类型 @since 0.0.4

type NavMenu struct {
	TermID      uint64   `json:"term_id"` // term_id
	Name        string   `json:"name"`    // name
	Slug        string   `json:"slug"`
	Description string   `json:"description"` // description
	Count       int64    `json:"count"`       // count
	SubMenus    SubMenus `json:"sub_menus"`   // sub_menus


NavMenu 常用字段结构体 @since 0.0.1

func GetMenus

func GetMenus() ([]*NavMenu, error)

GetMenus 获取菜单数据 @since 0.0.1

func GetNavMenuByTermID

func GetNavMenuByTermID(termID uint64) (*NavMenu, error)

GetNavMenuByTermID 通过 term_id 获取菜单信息 @since 0.0.1

type OptionNamePrefix

type OptionNamePrefix string

OptionNamePrefix 配置表 name 前缀 @since 0.0.4

const (
	// WechatOption 微信前缀
	WechatOption OptionNamePrefix = "wechat_"

func (OptionNamePrefix) String

func (p OptionNamePrefix) String() string

type Post

type Post struct {
	ID            uint64    `json:"ID" gorm:"primary_key;column:ID"`             // ID
	Author        uint64    `json:"author" gorm:"column:post_author"`            // post_author
	Date          time.Time `json:"date" gorm:"column:post_date"`                // post_date
	DateGmt       time.Time `json:"dateGMT" gorm:"column:post_date_gmt"`         // post_date_gmt
	Content       string    `json:"content" gorm:"column:post_content"`          // post_content
	Title         string    `json:"title" gorm:"column:post_title"`              // post_title
	Excerpt       string    `json:"excerpt" gorm:"column:post_excerpt"`          // post_excerpt
	Status        string    `json:"status" gorm:"column:post_status"`            // post_status
	CommentStatus string    `json:"commentStatus"`                               // comment_status
	Password      string    `json:"password" gorm:"column:post_password"`        // post_password
	Name          string    `json:"name" gorm:"column:post_name"`                // post_name
	Modified      time.Time `json:"modified" gorm:"column:post_modified"`        // post_modified
	ModifiedGmt   time.Time `json:"modifiedGMT" gorm:"column:post_modified_gmt"` // post_modified_gmt
	Parent        uint64    `json:"parent" gorm:"column:post_parent"`            // post_parent
	Type          string    `json:"type" gorm:"column:post_type"`                // post_type
	CommentCount  int64     `json:"comment_count"`                               // comment_count

	IsTOP     bool   `json:"is_top"`    // @since 0.0.12 增加置顶标记
	Thumbnail string `json:"thumbnail"` // @since 0.0.12 增加封面图标记

	Postmetas []*DBPostmeta

	Categorys []*Category
	Labels    []*Label

Post 文章常用结构体 修改过 DBpost @since 0.0.1

type SubMenu struct {
	ID        uint64
	PostTitle string
	// EnName    string
	Parent    int64
	MenuOrder int
	URL       string

	SubMenus []*SubMenu `json:"sub_menus"` // sub_menus

SubMenu 子菜单循环的结构体 @since 0.0.1

type SubMenus []*SubMenu

SubMenus sort

func (sm SubMenus) Len() int

Len 方法返回集合中的元素个数 @since 0.0.1

func (sm SubMenus) Less(i, j int) bool

Less 方法报告索引i的元素是否比索引j的元素小 @since 0.0.1

func (sm SubMenus) Swap(i, j int)

Swap 方法交换索引i和j的两个元素 @since 0.0.1

type Tag

type Tag struct {
	TermID int64
	Name   string
	Count  int64
	Parent int64

Tag 标签结构体 @since 0.0.1

type Taxonomy

type Taxonomy struct {
	TermID         uint64
	Name           string
	TermTaxonomyID uint64
	Taxonomy       string
	Parent         uint64 // TODO 改成 ParentTermTaxonomyID
	Count          int64
	Order          int
	SubTaxonomy    *[]Taxonomy
	TaxonomyMeta   *map[string]DBTaxonomyMeta // TODO 待查询出结果

@since 0.0.12 @since 0.0.18 增加 order 字段 @since 0.0.22 增加 SubTaxonomy 字段 @since 0.0.25 将 TaxonomyMeta 改为 map 结构

type TermRelationship

type TermRelationship struct {
	ObjectID       uint64 `json:"object_id"`        // object_id
	TermTaxonomyID uint64 `json:"term_taxonomy_id"` // term_taxonomy_id
	TermOrder      int    `json:"term_order"`       // term_order
	// *wpsapi.TermRelationship  这里惊天大 BUG TermRelationship{} 会出现 nil 而不能绑定
	Term *wpsapi.Term

TermRelationship 分类 修改过 DBTermRelationship @since 0.0.1

type Tree

type Tree struct {
	ID       uint64 `json:"id"`
	Children []Tree `json:"children,omitempty"`

Tree 菜单排序及上下级关系结构体 @since 0.0.1

type UserStatus

type UserStatus int

UserStatus users user_status 用来存储用户状态

const (
	// UserStatusWechatFollow 微信关注
	UserStatusWechatFollow UserStatus = 0
	// UserStatusWechatRegister 微信注册
	UserStatusWechatRegister UserStatus = 1
	// UserStatusSystemRegister 系统注册
	UserStatusSystemRegister UserStatus = 2

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