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Published: Mar 19, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 18 Imported by: 1



Package benchlingcmd provides support for building command line tools that access



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func OptionsForEndpoint

func OptionsForEndpoint(cfg apicrawlcmd.Crawl[Service], token *apitokens.T) ([]operations.Option, error)


type Checkpoint

type Checkpoint struct {
	// Dates in rfc.3339 format.
	UsersDate   string `json:"users_date"`
	EntriesDate string `json:"entries_date"`

type Command

type Command struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Çommand implements the command line operations available for

func NewCommand

func NewCommand(ctx context.Context, config apicrawlcmd.Crawl[yaml.Node], resources apicrawlcmd.Resources) (*Command, error)

NewCommand returns a new Command instance for benchling API related commands.

func (*Command) Crawl

func (c *Command) Crawl(ctx context.Context, _ CrawlFlags, entities ...string) error

func (*Command) CreateIndexableDocuments

func (c *Command) CreateIndexableDocuments(ctx context.Context, _ IndexFlags) error

CreateIndexableDocuments constructs the documents to be indexed from the various objects crawled from the API.

type Config

type Config apicrawlcmd.Crawl[Service]

type CrawlFlags

type CrawlFlags struct{}

type GetFlags

type GetFlags struct{}

type IndexFlags

type IndexFlags struct{}

type Service

type Service struct {
	ServiceURL       string `yaml:"service_url" cmd:"benchling service URL, typically"`
	UsersPageSize    int    `yaml:"users_page_size" cmd:"number of users in each page of results, typically 50"`
	EntriesPageSize  int    `yaml:"entries_page_size" cmd:"number of entries in each page of results, typically 50"`
	FoldersPageSize  int    `yaml:"folders_page_size" cmd:"number of folders in each page of results, typically 50"`
	ProjectsPageSize int    `yaml:"projects_page_size" cmd:"number of projects in each page of results, typically 50"`

func (Service) ListEntriesConfig

func (s Service) ListEntriesConfig() *benchlingsdk.ListEntriesParams

func (Service) ListFoldersConfig

func (s Service) ListFoldersConfig() *benchlingsdk.ListFoldersParams

func (Service) ListProjectsConfig

func (s Service) ListProjectsConfig() *benchlingsdk.ListProjectsParams

func (Service) ListUsersConfig

func (s Service) ListUsersConfig() *benchlingsdk.ListUsersParams

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