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Published: Jul 18, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 27 Imported by: 0


Go DocFX YAML Generator

This tool generates DocFX YAML for Go modules.

Only a single module will be processed at once.

By default, the output files are stored at ./obj/api. You can convert them to HTML using doc-templates and/or doc-pipeline.

Example usage:

cd module && godocfx ./...
godocfx cloud.google.com/go/...
godocfx -print cloud.google.com/go/storage/...
godocfx -out custom/output/dir cloud.google.com/go/...
godocfx -rm custom/output/dir cloud.google.com/go/...


You can run the tests with go test.

If you need to update the golden files, add the -update-goldens flag:

go test -v -update-goldens



Command godocfx generates DocFX YAML for Go code.


godocfx [flags] path

# New modules with the given prefix. Delete any previous output.
godocfx -rm -project my-project -new-modules cloud.google.com/go
# Process a single module @latest.
godocfx cloud.google.com/go
# Process and print, instead of save.
godocfx -print cloud.google.com/go/storage@latest
# Change output directory.
godocfx -out custom/output/dir cloud.google.com/go

See: * https://dotnet.github.io/docfx/spec/metadata_format_spec.html * https://github.com/googleapis/doc-templates * https://github.com/googleapis/doc-pipeline


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