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Published: Nov 12, 2023 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 14 Imported by: 0



Package coordinator takes care of coordination of intaking and distribution of tasks to agents.



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type Coordinator

type Coordinator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Coordinator takes and dispatches build requests.

func New

func New(db *sqlx.DB, configuration models.Configuration) (context.Context, *Coordinator)

New creates a new coordinator

func (*Coordinator) Enqueue

func (c *Coordinator) Enqueue(repoFullName, commitHash, commitMessage,
	sig string, body []byte) error

Enqueue puts a build into the building pipeline.

func (*Coordinator) Error

func (c *Coordinator) Error() error

Error returns the last found error.

func (*Coordinator) GetLastBuildStatus

func (c *Coordinator) GetLastBuildStatus(repoFullName string) models.Status

GetLastBuildStatus loads last known build status for a repository.

func (*Coordinator) MarkComplete

func (c *Coordinator) MarkComplete(build *models.Build) error

MarkComplete determines a build has completed and update its build information in the database.

func (*Coordinator) MarkInProgress

func (c *Coordinator) MarkInProgress(build *models.Build) error

MarkInProgress determines a build has started and update its build information in the database.

func (*Coordinator) Next

func (c *Coordinator) Next(repoFullName string) <-chan *models.Build

Next returns a job pipe.

func (*Coordinator) Wait

func (c *Coordinator) Wait() error

Wait returns when coordinator is done doing its works. Return any error found.

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