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Published: Jul 13, 2021 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 14 Imported by: 0



Package agent implements an agent which talks to a drone queen service and manages Swarming bots.



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type Agent

type Agent struct {
	Client api.DroneClient
	// SwarmingURL is the URL of the Swarming instance.  Should be
	// a full URL without the path, e.g.
	SwarmingURL string
	// WorkingDir is used for Swarming bot working dirs.  It is
	// the caller's responsibility to create this.
	WorkingDir        string
	ReportingInterval time.Duration
	DUTCapacity       int
	// StartBotFunc is used to start Swarming bots.
	// This must be set.
	StartBotFunc func(bot.Config) (bot.Bot, error)

	// hive value of the drone agent.  This is used for DUT/drone affinity.
	// A drone is assigned DUTs with same hive value.
	Hive string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Agent talks to a drone queen service and manages Swarming bots. This struct stores the static configuration for the agent. The dynamic state is stored in state.State.

func (*Agent) Run

func (a *Agent) Run(ctx context.Context)

Run runs the agent until it is canceled via the context.


Path Synopsis
Package state implements the agent state.
Package state implements the agent state.

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