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Published: Jan 6, 2024 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 11 Imported by: 0



Package service provides a simple way to create a system service. Currently supports Linux/(systemd | Upstart | SysV), and OSX/Launchd.



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type Controller

type Controller interface {
	// Starts this service on the system.
	Start() error

	// Stops this service on the system.
	Stop() error

Controller is a service that implements ServiceController is able to start and stop itself.

type Installer

type Installer interface {
	// Installs this service on the system.  May return an
	// error if this service is already installed.
	Install() error

	// Removes this service from the system.  May return an
	// error if this service is not already installed.
	Remove() error

Installer is a simple install and remove commands.

type KeyValue

type KeyValue map[string]interface{}

KeyValue is a key value mapping that offers a few handy utilities.

type Logger

type Logger interface {
	// Basic log functions in the context of the service.
	Error(format string, a ...interface{}) error
	Warning(format string, a ...interface{}) error
	Info(format string, a ...interface{}) error

Logger is a service that implements ServiceLogger can perform simple system logging.

type Runner

type Runner interface {
	// Call quickly after initial entry point. Does not return until
	// service is ready to stop.  onStart is called when the service is
	// starting, returning an error will fail to start the service.
	// If an error is returned from onStop, the service will still stop.
	// An error passed from onStart or onStop will be returned as
	// an error from Run.
	// Both callbacks should return quickly and not block.
	Run(onStart, onStop func() error) error

Runner is a Generic way to stop and start a service.

type Service

type Service interface {

Service represents a generic way to interact with the system's service.

func NewService

func NewService(name, displayName, description string, args []string) (Service, error)

NewService creates a new service. name is the internal name and should not contain spaces. Display name is the pretty print name. The description is an arbitrary string used to describe the service.


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