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func BasicAuthWithAttemptsControl

func BasicAuthWithAttemptsControl(creds Credentials) gin.HandlerFunc

BasicAuthWithAttemptsControl offers basic auth with maximum failure control.

func FixPath

func FixPath(p string) string

FixPath fixes a relative path


type Credentials

type Credentials map[string]string

Credentials is the basic auth authentication credentials

type Midgard

type Midgard struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Midgard is the midgard server that serves all API endpoints.

func NewMidgard

func NewMidgard() *Midgard

NewMidgard creates a new midgard server

func (*Midgard) AllocateURL

func (m *Midgard) AllocateURL(c *gin.Context)

AllocateURL generates an universal access URL for the requested resource. The requested resource can be an attached data, the midgard universal clipboard, and etc.

func (*Midgard) Code

func (m *Midgard) Code(c *gin.Context)

Code lists all code2img codes

func (*Midgard) Code2img

func (m *Midgard) Code2img(c *gin.Context)

Code2img code to image handler

func (*Midgard) GetFromUniversalClipboard

func (m *Midgard) GetFromUniversalClipboard(c *gin.Context)

GetFromUniversalClipboard returns the in-memory clipboard data inside the midgard server

func (*Midgard) PingPong

func (m *Midgard) PingPong(c *gin.Context)

PingPong is a naive handler for health checking

func (*Midgard) PutToUniversalClipboard

func (m *Midgard) PutToUniversalClipboard(c *gin.Context)

PutToUniversalClipboard saves data to the in-memory clipboard data inside the midgrad server.

func (*Midgard) Serve

func (m *Midgard) Serve()

Serve serves Midgard RESTful APIs.

func (*Midgard) Subscribe

func (m *Midgard) Subscribe(c *gin.Context)

Subscribe subscribes the Midgard's server.

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