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const (
	// ErrCodeCloseConn is a quic.ApplicationErrorCode means the connection closed.
	ErrCodeCloseConn quic.ApplicationErrorCode = 0
	// ErrCodeCloseStream is a quic.StreamErrorCode means the stream closed.
	ErrCodeCloseStream quic.StreamErrorCode = 0
	// ErrMsgCloseConn is a message for connection closing.
	ErrMsgCloseConn = "closed"
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const (
	// QuicNetworkVersion is the current version of quic network .
	QuicNetworkVersion = "v0.0.1"


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var (
	// ErrNilTlsCfg will be returned if tls config is nil when network starting.
	ErrNilTlsCfg = errors.New("nil tls config")
	// ErrEmptyTlsCerts will be returned if no tls cert given when network starting with tls enabled.
	ErrEmptyTlsCerts = errors.New("empty tls certs")
	// ErrNilAddr will be returned if the listening address is empty.
	ErrNilAddr = errors.New("nil addr")
	// ErrListenerRequired will be returned if no listening address given.
	ErrListenerRequired = errors.New("at least one listener is required")
	// ErrConnRejectedByConnHandler will be returned if connection handler reject a connection when establishing.
	ErrConnRejectedByConnHandler = errors.New("connection rejected by conn handler")
	// ErrNotTheSameNetwork will be returned if the connection disconnected is not created by current network.
	ErrNotTheSameNetwork = errors.New("not the same network")
	// ErrPidMismatch will be returned if the remote peer id is not the expected one.
	ErrPidMismatch = errors.New("pid mismatch")
	// ErrNilLoadPidFunc will be returned if loadPidFunc is nil.
	ErrNilLoadPidFunc = errors.New("load peer id function required")
	// ErrWrongQuicAddr will be returned if the address is wrong when calling Dial method.
	ErrWrongQuicAddr = errors.New("wrong quic address format")
	// ErrEmptyLocalPeerId will be returned if load local peer id failed.
	ErrEmptyLocalPeerId = errors.New("empty local peer id")
	// ErrNoUsableLocalAddress will be returned if no usable local address found
	// when the local listening address is an unspecified address.
	ErrNoUsableLocalAddress = errors.New("no usable local address found")


func CanListen

func CanListen(addr ma.Multiaddr) bool

CanListen return whether address can be listened on.

func IsGMPrivateKey

func IsGMPrivateKey(sk crypto.PrivateKey) bool

IsGMPrivateKey return true if it is a sm2.PrivateKey.

func NewNetwork

func NewNetwork(ctx context.Context, logger api.Logger, opt ...Option) (network.Network, error)

NewNetwork create a new network instance with QUIC transport.

func NewQReceiveStream

func NewQReceiveStream(qc *qConn, qs quic.ReceiveStream) network.ReceiveStream

NewQReceiveStream create a new ReceiveStream object

func NewQSendStream

func NewQSendStream(qc *qConn, qs quic.SendStream) network.SendStream

NewQSendStream create a new SendStream object

func NewQStream

func NewQStream(qc *qConn, qs quic.Stream, direction network.Direction) network.Stream

NewQStream create a new stream object

func ParseCMTLSCertsToGoTLSCerts

func ParseCMTLSCertsToGoTLSCerts(cmCerts []cmTls.Certificate) ([]tls.Certificate, error)

ParseCMTLSCertsToGoTLSCerts parse ChainMaker tls certs to tls certs


type ConnectionState

type ConnectionState struct {
	TLS               connectionState
	SupportsDatagrams bool

ConnectionState records basic details about a QUIC connection

type Option

type Option func(n *qNetwork) error

Option is a function to set option value for quic network.

func WithLoadPidFunc

func WithLoadPidFunc(f types.LoadPeerIdFromCMTlsCertFunc) Option

WithLoadPidFunc set a types.LoadPeerIdFromTlsCertFunc for loading peer.ID from x509 certs when tls handshaking.

func WithLocalPeerId

func WithLocalPeerId(pid peer.ID) Option

WithLocalPeerId will set the local peer.ID for the network. If LoadPidFunc option set, the local peer.ID set by this method will be overwritten, probably.

func WithTlsCfg

func WithTlsCfg(tlsCfg *cmTls.Config) Option

WithTlsCfg set a tls.Config option value.

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