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Published: Jan 5, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 2 Imported by: 0


wolfi-secdb (ARCHIVED)

[!WARNING] This project is no longer maintained and should not be used. This tool has been replaced by functionality in wolfictl (see docs and code).

Tool for generating Wolfi security databases


To create a security database for a given project, you can do something like:

$ wolfi-secdb generate ./path/to/source-repo \
   --base-url https://packages.wolfi.dev/... \
   --output-filename security/your-repo-name.json \
   --repo-name your-repo-name

For the Wolfi distribution, there is a GitHub action located in chainguard-dev/actions.


Wolfi security databases are based on Alpine's security database format, presenting a serialized JSON graph.


The root of the graph has these fields:

  • urlprefix: The prefix for all URLs. In Wolfi itself, this is https://packages.wolfi.dev.

  • apkurl: The pattern used to deduce the package URL. In Wolfi itself, this is {{urlprefix}}/{{reponame}}/{{arch}}/{{pkg.name}}-{{pkg.ver}}.apk

  • reponame: The name of the repository, such as bootstrap/stage3.

  • archs: The architectures for packages built in the repository. In Wolfi itself, this is presently [ "x86_64" ].

  • packages: A list of package objects which have security updates.

Package entries

A package object is a JSON object which has a single pkg object underneath it, which has the following fields:

  • name: The name of the package.

  • secfixes: An object containing version identifiers and lists of well-known vulnerability identifiers fixed by the package version.

  "urlprefix": "https://packages.wolfi.dev",
  "apkurl": "{{urlprefix}}/{{reponame}}/{{arch}}/{{pkg.name}}-{{pkg.ver}}.apk",
  "reponame": "example/repo",
  "archs": ["x86_64"],
  "packages": [
      "pkg": {
        "name": "foo",
        "secfixes": {
          "1.2.3-r1": [


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