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var Default = Options{
	Arch:            types.ParseArchitecture(runtime.GOARCH),
	SourceDateEpoch: time.Unix(0, 0).UTC(),
	Auth:            auth.DefaultAuthenticators,


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type Auth added in v0.14.8

type Auth struct{ User, Pass string }

type Options

type Options struct {
	WithVCS bool `json:"withVCS,omitempty"`
	// ImageConfigFile might, but does not have to be a filename. It might be any abstract configuration identifier.
	ImageConfigFile string `json:"imageConfigFile,omitempty"`
	// ImageConfigChecksum (when set) allows to detect mismatch between configuration and the lockfile.
	ImageConfigChecksum     string             `json:"configChecksum,omitempty"`
	TarballPath             string             `json:"tarballPath,omitempty"`
	Tags                    []string           `json:"tags,omitempty"`
	SourceDateEpoch         time.Time          `json:"sourceDateEpoch,omitempty"`
	SBOMPath                string             `json:"sbomPath,omitempty"`
	SBOMFormats             []string           `json:"sbomFormats,omitempty"`
	ExtraKeyFiles           []string           `json:"extraKeyFiles,omitempty"`
	ExtraBuildRepos         []string           `json:"extraBuildRepos,omitempty"`
	ExtraRuntimeRepos       []string           `json:"extraRepos,omitempty"`
	ExtraPackages           []string           `json:"extraPackages,omitempty"`
	Arch                    types.Architecture `json:"arch,omitempty"`
	TempDirPath             string             `json:"tempDirPath,omitempty"`
	PackageVersionTag       string             `json:"packageVersionTag,omitempty"`
	PackageVersionTagStem   bool               `json:"packageVersionTagStem,omitempty"`
	PackageVersionTagPrefix string             `json:"packageVersionTagPrefix,omitempty"`
	TagSuffix               string             `json:"tagSuffix,omitempty"`
	Local                   bool               `json:"local,omitempty"`
	CacheDir                string             `json:"cacheDir,omitempty"`
	Offline                 bool               `json:"offline,omitempty"`
	Lockfile                string             `json:"lockfile,omitempty"`
	Auth                    auth.Authenticator `json:"-"`
	IncludePaths            []string           `json:"includePaths,omitempty"`
	IgnoreSignatures        bool               `json:"ignoreSignatures,omitempty"`

func (Options) TarballFileName added in v0.5.0

func (o Options) TarballFileName() string

TarballFileName returns a deterministic filename for the layer taball

func (*Options) TempDir added in v0.5.0

func (o *Options) TempDir() string

Tempdir returns the temporary directory where apko will create the layer blobs

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