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var (
	ErrCacheMiss = errors.New("cache miss")
	ErrNotFound  = errors.New("not found")
	ErrExpired   = errors.New("expired")
	ErrInternal  = errors.New("internal error")


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var (
	ErrNotImplemented = errors.New("not implemented")
	ErrNotSupported   = errors.New("not supported")



func SearchLDAP added in v0.1.0

func SearchLDAP(cn *ldap.Conn, basedn string, filter string, attributes ...string) (*ldap.SearchResult, error)

SearchLDAP wraps constructing and running a boilerplate ldap search


type Cache

type Cache interface {
	Put(key string, value interface{}) error
	PutUntil(time time.Time, key string, value interface{}) error
	Get(key string) (interface{}, error)
	Delete(key string) error
	Keys() ([]string, error)

Cache describes very simple TTL cache interface.

func NewBoltDBCache

func NewBoltDBCache(path string, bucket string) (Cache, error)

NewBoltDBCache implementes Cache with a BoltDB back-end;

func NewLDAPCache added in v0.1.0

func NewLDAPCache(config *LDAPConfig, class string, recordFn func(string, string) (interface{}, func(*ldap.Conn) error)) Cache

NewLDAPCache returns a cache suitable for interacting with LDAP

func NewMemoryCache

func NewMemoryCache() Cache

NewMemoryCache implementes Cache with an in-memory store

type LDAPConfig added in v0.1.0

type LDAPConfig struct {
	Host     string
	Port     int
	UseTLS   bool
	Username string
	Password string
	BaseDN   string

LDAPConfig describes connection details to an LDAP server

func (*LDAPConfig) Connect added in v0.1.0

func (c *LDAPConfig) Connect() (*ldap.Conn, error)

Connect is a helper function for connecting to LDAP

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