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Package db implements model.db interface. It contains everything that needed by API to interact with database.



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type Config

type Config struct {
	DBAddress    string `json:"DBAddress,"`
	MaxOpenConns int    `json:"MaxOpenConns,int"`

Config is stuct for database configuration.

type Handler

type Handler struct {
	DB *sqlx.DB

	CreateUser        *sqlx.NamedStmt
	CreateAd          *sqlx.NamedStmt
	UpdateUser        *sqlx.NamedStmt
	UpdateAd          *sqlx.NamedStmt
	ReadAds           *sqlx.NamedStmt
	SearchAds         *sqlx.NamedStmt
	ReadAdsOfUser     *sqlx.Stmt
	ReadAd            *sqlx.Stmt
	ReadUserWithID    *sqlx.Stmt
	ReadUserWithEmail *sqlx.Stmt
	DeleteUser        *sqlx.Stmt
	DeleteAd          *sqlx.Stmt

Handler is used to store database connection and implements database interface needed by API.

func InitConnDB

func InitConnDB(cfg Config) (*Handler, error)

InitConnDB initiates connection to database and prepare statements for interaction with database.

func (*Handler) EditAd

func (h *Handler) EditAd(ad *model.AdItem) (int64, error)

EditAd updates information about ad with ID provided from function argument.

func (*Handler) EditUser

func (h *Handler) EditUser(user *model.User) (int64, error)

EditUser updates User with ID provided from function argument.

func (*Handler) GetAd

func (h *Handler) GetAd(adID int64) (*model.AdItem, error)

GetAd returns model.AdItem struct with such ID.

func (*Handler) GetAds

func (h *Handler) GetAds(sp *model.SearchParams) ([]*model.AdItem, error)

GetAds returns slice of model.AdItem from database based on incoming filters.

func (*Handler) GetAdsOfUser

func (h *Handler) GetAdsOfUser(userID int64) ([]*model.AdItem, error)

GetAdsOfUser returns slice of model.AdItem with such user from database.

func (*Handler) GetUserWithEmail

func (h *Handler) GetUserWithEmail(email string) (*model.User, error)

GetUserWithEmail returns model.User struct with such email.

func (*Handler) GetUserWithID

func (h *Handler) GetUserWithID(userID int64) (*model.User, error)

GetUserWithID returns model.User struct with such ID.

func (*Handler) NewAd

func (h *Handler) NewAd(ad *model.AdItem) (int64, error)

NewAd creates a new row in "ads" table in database.

func (*Handler) NewUser

func (h *Handler) NewUser(user *model.User) (int64, error)

NewUser adds new User to database if it is possible.

func (*Handler) RemoveAd

func (h *Handler) RemoveAd(adID int64) (int64, error)

RemoveAd deletes ad with such ID from database.

func (*Handler) RemoveUser

func (h *Handler) RemoveUser(userID int64) (int64, error)

RemoveUser deletes user with such ID from database.

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