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Published: Apr 19, 2023 License: AGPL-3.0 Imports: 23 Imported by: 0


Radboud Radio Lab VLBI Monitor

A web server with MongoDB backend for monitoring Very Long Baseline Interferometry campaigns.



  • Make sure you have a working installation of Go and your $GOROOT is set appropriately.

  • Download and install the VLBI Monitor and all required dependencies.

     $ go get bitbucket.org/vlbi/vlbimonitor-server

Initial Configuration

  • Create a MongoDB database.

     $ mongo
     > use vlbi_monitor
     > CTRL + D
  • Create a PG database

    $ sudo -iu postgres $ createuser vlbimonitor $ createdb vlbimonitor $ CTRL + D

  • Clone the web interface

     $ git clone https://bitbucket.org/vlbi/vlbimonitor-webinterface.git $HOME/vlbimonitor-webinterface
  • Clone and initialize the masterlists

     $ git clone https://bitbucket.org/vlbi/vlbimonitor-masterlists.git $HOME/vlbimonitor-masterlists
     $ cd $HOME/vlbimonitor-masterlists
     $ ./tools/gen-json-schema.sh masterlist.csv > schema.json
  • Copy the sample configuration file to the default location and adapt the settings.

     $ cp $GOPATH/src/bitbucket.org/vlbi/vlbimonitor-server/vlbimonitor.conf $HOME/.config/vlbimonitor/conf.json
     $ vi $HOME/.config/vlbimonitor/conf.json


Start the web server.

    $ vlbimonitor &

This uses the conf.json in the default location (see above). A different configuration file can optionally be specified on the command line.

    $ vlbimonitor $HOME/test.json &

If the web server exits with the message "no reachable servers", verify that the DatabaseAddress is configured to the correct address and port in conf.json. The default port for mongod instances (as of version 3.2.6) is 27017.

Configuring access

  • Use the client tools to change the administrator password. The default password is "admin".

     $ python adduser.py -c admin
  • Add a user with permissions for one or more facilities.

     $ python adduser.py username -f APEX ALMA

    At least one user per facility is needed. But multiple users may have access to a facility and a single user may have access to multiple facilities.



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