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Published: Jul 19, 2018 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 12 Imported by: 0


Prometheus Amazon ECS discovery

Prometheus has native Amazon EC2 discovery capabilities, but it does not have the capacity to discover ECS instances that can be scraped by Prometheus. This program is a Prometheus File Service Discovery (file_sd_config) integration that bridges said gap.


Run prometheus-ecs-discovery -? to get information.

The command line parameters that can be used are:

  • -config.scrape-interval (duration): interval at which to scrape the AWS API for ECS service discovery information (default 1m0s)
  • -config.scrape-times (int): how many times to scrape before exiting (0 = infinite)
  • -config.write-to (string): path of file to write ECS service discovery information to (default "ecs_file_sd.yml")


First, build this program using the usual go get mechanism.

Then, run it as follows:

  • Ensure the program can write to a directory readable by your Prometheus master instance(s).
  • Export the usual AWS_REGION, AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY into the environment of the program, making sure that the keys have access to the EC2 / ECS APIs (IAM policies should include ECS:ListClusters, ECS:ListTasks, ECS:DescribeTask, EC2:DescribeInstances, ECS:DescribeContainerInstances, ECS:DescribeTasks, ECS:DescribeTaskDefinition).
  • Start the program, using the command line option -config.write-to to point the program to the specific folder that your Prometheus master can read from.
  • Add a file_sd_config to your Prometheus master:
- job_name: ecs
    - files:
      - /path/to/ecs_file_sd.yml
      refresh_interval: 10m

That's it. You should begin seeing the program scraping the AWS APIs and writing the discovery file (by default it does that every minute, and by default Prometheus will reload the file the minute it is written). After reloading your Prometheus master configuration, this program will begin informing via the discovery file of new targets that Prometheus must scrape.


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